Recommend not to wear second-hand clothes due to illness

Recommend not to wear second-hand clothes due to illness

Used clothing is a source of disease.

Used clothing is a good way to help the family economy, but also, a pollution agent for various diseases.

Francisco Emmanuel Díaz Cisneros, director of the 40th Family Medicine Unit of the Mexican Social Security Institute, reported that purchasing paca or used clothes represents a health risk.

"it can be infected with parasitic insects such as lice and mites, even by fungi and bacteria if it's underwear, because when contact with the skin, it can cause dermatitis, dyes, or scabies."

He indicated that paca clothes are regularly used for second use and brought from other countries.

It recommended not to purchase such clothing and, if so, to take care of it.

"the purchase of underwear should be avoided, as hygiene measures may not be appropriate, as they may cause the person carrying them to become infected with infectious diseases."

Recomiendan no usar ropa de segunda mano por peligro de enfermedad

Second-hand clothing may be infested with scapiosis mites, better known as scabies, a highly contagious disease, because it is enough for a single person to have it spread throughout the family.

Take care.

Scabies, he said, are characterized by the presence of red lesions on the skin, especially between fingers, arms, trunk, genitals and breasts.

"it causes a lot of itching and can be complicated because with this constant and frequent scratching, without hand washing, it causes secondary bacterial infections that cause general discomfort and fever."

He recommended that shirts, blouses, sweaters or pants be washed with plenty of soap and hot water and dry the garments in the sun.

"at the border, it is common to buy this type of clothing, as when changing the season, people look for what is fashionable on the other side."

He suggested placing them in a closed plastic bag for three days, which ensures the removal of lice and mites, the same situation for shoes, which should be left exposed to the sun for more than 15 minutes.

Diaz Cisneros invited the general population to go to the institutional medical services when they notice symptoms of a condition in the skin, so that they can receive appropriate treatment.

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