This is how wine bars can give you happiness: study

This is how wine bars can give you happiness: study
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Los bares de vino pueden cambiar la forma en la que tu mente se siente, creando una experiencia única, o al menos eso dice una reciente investigación.

Por Alonso MartínezAsí es cómo los bares de vino te pueden dar la felicidad: estudio Así es cómo los bares de vino te pueden dar la felicidad: estudio

Wine bars are becoming more popular.These proposals have been born as wine centers for fans, amateurs and connoisseurs, offering a letter with a diverse catalog of different wines - the protagonist the red.As well as some breweries, their surroundings, the atmosphere, the selection, and other elements of the places have become key to constantly attract customers and give them a really unique experience, that - of fact - could be much more special than we think, according to a recent study.

Two glasses in a wine bar

The work, carried out by members of the University Institute of Lisbon, Portugal found that "drinking red wine in a contemporary western environment designed to increase the pleasure of experience could generate changes in consciousness commonly associated with states of the mystical type", pointing out that noIt is only pleasant for people to drink in those places, but it can cause special mental states.

Of course, a part of this has to do with alcohol, and we all know that this can change the mental state of a person. The study focused on a moderate dose of red wine in 102 participants who drank in different environments (alone, couple or group), and found that, particularly in wine bars, “red wine increased pleasure and excitement , the perception of time decreased, the subjective step of time decreased, increased the focus of attention to the present moment, the perception of the body decreased, the most vivid imagination returned and made the environment even more fascinating. ” This may be due to different factors such as the comfort offered by the environment, lighting, and of course, a little of alcohol, but also of its role in the environment. A person can focus on wines smells, observe space, or only in their drink, being a space that moves away from the outside world in various ways. And this happened regardless of whether the person was alone, in a group or accompanied by another person.

Así es cómo los bares de vino te pueden dar la felicidad: estudio

On the other hand, the work indicates that "red wine increased the insight and originality of thoughts, increased the sensations of unity with the environment, spiritual feelings, love and deep peace."This did not differ either from the genre.The only difference was found that the elderly presented greater increase in pleasure, while young people showed greater fascination with the surroundings of the wine bar.All participants answered questionnaires after attending a wine bar, and drinking only two glasses of wine, which were chosen by the bar sommelier, based on the knowledge of it.

Wine bars are usually places with an intimate and comfortable atmosphere, with customers speaking quietplus the pleasure of experience.In general, going to the wine bar seemed to increase the level of happiness or comfort of the subjects.

The study concludes that wine, in addition to staying young, “consumed moderately in a comfortable place, induced psychological states characterized by happiness, the focus on the present, differentiation between being and the environment" and more, which helpsTo understand a little better the effect of red wine on a cultural scenario, and not only as a drink. With these findings it is not strangewould like to go to one?

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