Video: How to enjoy your motorcycle trips in summer

Video: How to enjoy your motorcycle trips in summer

⌚4 min of reading |We tell you in this video how to choose the clothing and footwear, how to plan the route or how to organize the luggage so that your motorcycle trip in summer is a real pleasure.

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Driving motorcycle in summer is a real pleasure.That feeling of peace and freedom, with the wind on the face, feeling the asphalt in the fists and in all the pores of the skin.They say that the roads have memory, and that their history can be felt better on a motorcycle than in a closed vehicle, since the landscape can be better appreciated, without interruptions, and knowing more closely the culture and idiosyncrasy of the place.

If you are considering using it only at this time of year, get the chester policy, the most flexible option and pay only for the months you need.But, in addition to this protection, you need to take care of other aspects to make your motorcycle trip in summer.Take note!

Plan all the details of the route

The best of motorcycle trips in summer is improvisation, but don't leave everything at random.It is important to have certain details planned:

How to wear luggage?

Try to carry the fair and strictly necessary and look for alternatives to expand the storage space.You can use trunks, saddlebags, deposit bags, side bags ... In this link we tell you all the options.

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Of course, we advise against traveling with a backpack, since it can hinder aerodynamics, it will make you sweat the fat drop, and if you wear a passenger it will be an impediment.

What clothes have a motorcycle in summer?

It doesn't matter if temperatures are extremely high, you should always wear helmet, gloves, jacket and long pants.60 percent of biker abrasion injuries occur in summer precisely because many of them choose to go with short garments.

So don't worry if you leave a money, which will be very well invested.In addition, if you have full risk insurance with Mapfre franchise, you can have an economic compensation of 400 euros to compensate for the damages that the helmet and clothing may suffer in an accident in an accident.

Clothing and footwear

Jacket and long pants in summer?Do not worry, there are specific garments for this time of the year that allow the air to flow inside, such as:

In addition, you must choose the clothes you carry under.You can wear thermal t -shirts that have the ability to eliminate inner moisture and reduce heat.Instead, if you use cotton garments, you will end up soaked in sweat.


Whole helmets provide greater security.Choose one with:

What should you check before traveling?

https: // bit.Ly/3uyyatu

Whenever you go on a motorcycle, your condition must be checked, but in summer you have to pay special attention to the following:

If you do not have enough budget to solve the damage of your motorcycle, with the motorcycle insurance to third parties expanded Mapfre you can have at your disposal a loan of up to 3.600 euros that includes the payment of financial interest and expenses for motorcycle repair.

And do not forget to join the best free motorcycle club: Mapfre we care.Find out here for all benefits.


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