Using tight pants every day can damage your genital health

Using tight pants every day can damage your genital health

Pants, especially well -adjusted jeans, have become an almost indispensable garment in women's wardrobe, however, experts warn that using them continuously could cause serious health problems.

According to studies, narrow or synthetic clothes, even very tight jeans cause the air circulation around the groin, producing heat and humidity in the female organ, which in turn turns out to be the perfect environment for bacteria.

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Dra.Shirin Lakhani, aesthetic specialist, in Urology and General Medicine, clarified to the English media, that women should stop using this type of costume so often since it could cause infections that are annoying and even harmful."The use of tight clothing, such as the one we use to go to the gym, swimsuits, and pants can create an environment in which problems such as candidiasis are developed".

What is candidiasis?

It is a vaginal infection that affects most women at some point in their lives.Some signs with which this fungus is manifested are the itching, pain and ardor sensation when urinating.It can also cause inflammation.

Usar pantalones ajustados todos los días puede dañar su salud genital

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Among the discomforts that can also be manifested by the use of very tight clothing in women are infections in urinary tract and vulvodystics.The first refers mainly to the cystitis that occurs when bacteria enter the urethra.As the pain progresses, pain and burning can increase, and at this point it is necessary to visit a specialist.

As for vulvodynia, this refers to a chronic pain syndrome in the vulva that affects women for three months or more.His symptoms are burning, irritation, stinging or acute pain.

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Most cases of vulvodyinia are defined by pain that can last for years.It can occur after using tampons, having sex or when pressure is applied in the vagina for long periods, for example with the use of underwear or very tight pants.

This is why Lakhani recommends making some changes in the outfits and using more skirts and dresses, in order to prevent any type of inconvenience.

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