What do you need to start playing volleyball?

What do you need to start playing volleyball?
  • Luis Cifuentes10 de diciembre de 2018, 20:51

    Volleyball is an extremely exciting and competitive sport and brings many benefits, since it offers a complete effort of the body through aerobic exercise.In addition, it encourages you to think tactically for what your mind also exercises.In fact, it is one of the most popular sports in the world enjoyed by thousands of people in schools, universities and gyms and can be played both indoors and abroad.

    Benefits of playing volleyball

    Some of the proven benefits of playing this great sport are:

    Equipment necessary to play volleyball

    Although volleyball is an excellent activity, it can sometimes be dangerous if the right equipment is not available.It is important that players obtain the necessary quality instruments to perform this sport.Having these tools will avoid injuries and improve your performance.

    A good ball

    Contrary to what most think not all balls are the same.The ball is the most important piece of the team in the game.A good ball will relieve the pain caused by hitting it on the network or between teammates.If you play inside, a leather ball will work better.It cannot be used abroad since it will affect it the elements of the environment and can be damaged.You can also use a fabric ball and it will not bother the arms so much and will last a long time.To play outdoors, a synthetic leather ball is recommended.


    ¿Qué necesitas para empezar a jugar a voleibol?

    Volleyball knees are one of the pieces that avoid more accidents and injuries.The thickness of the knee will depend on your age and experience.For example, newer players should use thicker pads, since these players have less experience.The knee prevent bruises and burns.

    Adequate footwear

    Volleyball shoes for men and women are one of the accessories that players take more into account at the time of playing.The best shoes have a rubber sole to provide maximum traction.Volleyball shoes are designed to protect foot during lateral movements.The front of the shoe is thick, so the legs do not suffer pain from continuous jumps.


    It is advisable to buy socks that reach the knee or middle type, since tobiller socks have a tendency to slide or fall, so they do not provide enough damping and can distract you during the game.The middle socks easily adapt to your ankle, which makes them ideal.

    Sports bag or backpack

    After choosing the appropriate volleyball equipment and clothing, it is important to have a bag to keep everything organized and easily accessible.This backpack should be easy to wear and the ideal is to use backpacks that distribute the weight evenly on both shoulders.The bag must also contain numerous compartments and pockets.This will give you space to separate the equipment and keep the clean items away from sweaty and used garments.

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