6 tips to prevent vaginitis and its symptoms

6 tips to prevent vaginitis and its symptoms

Natural fiber underwear prevents vaginitis appearance.

Vaginitis can be caused by bacteria, fungi, parasites or allergies

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Did you know that 90 percent of women suffer from vaginitis at some point in their lives?This inflammation of the mucous wall of the vagina is very common and above all is frequent in childhood and adolescence.In pharmacy they sell products such as creams to calm the symptoms of vaginitis, although everything will depend on what type of inflammation it has.

What is vaginitis and its symptoms

Vaginitis is the inflammation of the vagina, which is accompanied by several symptoms.It usually affects the vulva area and is also called vulvovaginitis.The main symptoms of any vaginitis, according to María Luisa Bertomeu, vowel of dermopharmacy of the College of Pharmacists of Valencia (Micof), are the following:

Types of vaginitis

Within this inflammation, the pharmacist indicates that there are different types of vaginitis according to their causes:

6 consejos para prevenir la vaginitis y sus síntomas

In pharmacy they have creams to treat fungal vaginitis, called candidiasis.It differs from the rest because the women who suffer it also have redness of the area and much itching.Pharmaceutical professionals advise the creams for three consecutive days and in the case of vaginal tablets, six days.

As for bacterial vaginitis, it also has other symptoms such as a white/gray flow and rotten fish, the specialist points out.Specifically, in this type of infection the doctor would have to prescribe an antibiotic as well as with the vaginitis caused by parasites (trichomoniasis), characterized by burning when urinating.

In the case of allergy vaginitis, it usually occurs when there is an allergic reaction to some clothing softeners, inappropriate soaps for vaginal pH or underwear with synthetic fibers.The solution would simply stop using these products so that vaginitis remit.

How to prevent vaginitis?

To prevent vaginitis, several measures can be taken from mycof, specifically:

Also, vaginitis can also appear during pregnancy and menopause or in people with diabetes.If the recommendations that we have just named the risk of vaginitis will decrease will apply.

Finally, from the Spanish Medicine (SEMI) indicate that attention must be paid to this infection so that it does not derive in diseases.“It is important to treat bacterial vaginitis and trichomoniasis, since any of them can increase the risk of contracting HIV or other sexually transmitted disease.If you are pregnant, bacterial vaginitis or trichomoniasis can increase the risk of premature labor and premature birth, ”experts point out.

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