Après Ski: adapt your wardrobe to the alpine trend without sacrificing style

Après Ski: adapt your wardrobe to the alpine trend without sacrificing style

If you think that the so-called Après Ski fashion is only intended for the lucky ones who can enjoy skiing, you are wrong. The alpine style comes down from the mountains during the winter, especially on the coldest days, to also invade the sidewalks of the cities. Thus, during these days, we can see thick knit sweaters, brightly colored down jackets, hats with pompoms, leather gloves, sports-style leggings and mountain-style boots in the winter outfits of the most urbanites.

If you think that Après Ski is an immovable trend, you would also be wrong. As in any other field of fashion, the collections are also influenced by different trends every winter. From Vozpópuli we have prepared a quick training for you to become a champion in this trend. A warm-up whether you are going to slide down the slopes or if your thing is to compete on the asphalt.

The trends for this season

This 2020 we are invaded by a retro aesthetic. Après Ski fashion makes us travel to the Sapporo '72 Olympic Games with vintage-style garments dominated by prints of figures and letters.

Another of the great trends is the explosion of color. Distinguish yourself well on the white snow with fluorescent garments or the most striking prints where the animal print once again stands out from the rest.

But if when you go to the mountains, your favorite sport is staying at a hotel or in a cafeteria enjoying the views, the fireplace and a hot chocolate, then your great challenge will be to emulate the Audrey Hepburn from the movie 'Charades'. Browse your closet, or go shopping, for amazing fur coats, big dark sunglasses, and chic turtlenecks.

On the catwalks, the great designers are betting on another radical color trend: Total White. Dress from hat to boots in pristine white, although we let you give truce to small details in brown or black. It is the most elegant image of the alpine style and if you don't believe it, just look at the proposals for this season from brands like Fendi.

But not everything is going to be the image, if there is something important when climbing the mountain or overcoming low temperatures, it is to dress well. That is why we cannot do without our main ally, the down coat. If you can't stand the cold, you better opt for a long design and forget about those that reach the waist. If you want to follow the trends to the letter, bet on metallic or fluorine colors. And if what you want is a good investment, a black feather is a basic that you will make profitable in no time.

If you can't stand looking like the Michelin Man, then you'll have to look for an alternative in a good coat. Our advice is that you choose the star fabric of the trend, which is sheepskin. You will find it in all kinds of colors and being the protagonist of the garment or used in the most special details.

The perfect accessories

Another fundamental aspect of the Après Ski trend is footwear. It is very easy to choose: What format? The boot or booty. What color? In white or brown What material? Suede or sheepskin. Having these three questions answered, all you have to do is take to the streets and take advantage of the sales discounts.

Glasses are also essential. If your thing is sports, you will have to get good technical glasses. The good thing is that sports brands are increasingly paying attention to trends, so you can choose good glasses without giving up fashion. If, on the other hand, you are not going to use them for skiing, follow the aesthetics with mirror lenses and XXL formats in the form of a mask.

And we still have a lot of life beyond when it comes to accessories. You have to take into account the underwear, which is prepared and thermal is essential to enjoy a good day in the mountains. Outside you can play with gloves, hats, fanny packs, backpacks...

also for them

Après Ski is a totally unisex trend, valid for both women and men. Any of the previous recommendations in colors, fabrics, trends or accessories can be perfectly transferred to the male wardrobe.

In the case of men there is a fundamental garment that cannot be missing and that is the wool jacket. They have to be long, thick and comfortable knit, and with alpine prints that take us to the mountains or ethnic prints with a more rural style. If you are not into prints, choose a monocolor proposal but where the point draws frets, rhombuses or eights.

A very VIP style

There are many celebrities that during the colder months we can see wearing this type of clothing. Model Elle MacPherson is a regular on the slopes of Aspen in Colorado. She leaves the trends on the catwalk and for sports she prefers light clothes that allow her to move without obstacles on her skis. When the day ends, she replaces the overalls with more boho looks with fur jackets, tight pants and fur hats.

On the same slopes of Aspen we could meet Kim Kardashian. She is more to attract attention with outfits full of color where red and orange predominate. An aesthetic similar to that used by Paris Hilton, who is in love with luxurious gold or silver puffer jackets and maxi fur hats.

Without leaving Europe, we can travel to the French station of Courchevel, which is often visited by Kate Moss. The model chooses jumpsuits with a more sophisticated style, more in the vein of other celebrities such as Ivanka Trump or Sarah Jessica Parker, who in these cases replaces her famous heels with biker-style snow boots.

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