Learn about what you buy: How often should you throw away your old underwear?

Learn about what you buy: How often should you throw away your old underwear?

CITY OF MEXICO.- Many doubt it, but storing too much underwear, even washing it properly, is not recommended.

Did you know that even after you wash your underwear, it could contain bacteria?

Washing underwear doesn't always fully disinfect it, so you might want to reconsider how long you keep it.

As Philip Tierno explained to HuffPost, our underwear sits on the skin near the area where E. coli bacteria are present. No matter how hard you try to cleanse your skin, he said sweetly, you can't get rid of everything, which means it could end up in your underwear.

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For more context, it has been said that there is about a tenth of a gram of poop in an unwashed pair of panties, according to Dr. Charles Gerba, a professor of microbiology at the University of Arizona, who spoke to ABC News in 2010.

"However, it's normal, and it doesn't hurt you," Tierno added.

Fortunately, that means bacteria from your underwear are not a concern, at least in terms of health.

However, you do need to wash your underwear on a regular basis and should do so after each wear.

However, Tierno noted that the average person may be able to wear the same pair of panties two days in a row without a problem, though he advises against wearing more days. To be safe, only wear a clean pair each day. The best way to wash your underwear is on a hot water cycle with bleach, which is the most effective product for killing the organisms that live in it, Tierno said. But some fabrics can't handle hot cycles, so warm or cold water with a detergent that has peroxide in it is also an option.

Also, according to Tierno, hanging your clothes out to dry in the sun is best, as the UV rays can help disinfect them.

When it comes to replacing your underwear, the best thing, according to various sources, is to replace the clothes you wear on a regular basis each year.

In theory, though, Tierno said, you can keep your clothes until they give out, as long as you wash them well and consistently.

"As long as it works well and you wash it and the elastic band is in good condition, fits you well and there are no holes or erosion in the fabric, you can use it," he said. "There is no expiration date, except when it is no longer functional."

The longevity of each pair of briefs will also depend on the quality of their material and your washing habits. However, there are some telltale signs that indicate it's time to throw away your underwear.

"The key to knowing when it's time to throw your underwear in the trash is to look at how it stretches, how it fits and if it's aesthetic," Laetitia Lecigne, creative director of Jockey, told HuffPost. "If there are deformities or clothes hang or bulge, it's time to say goodbye!"

Let's be honest. There is nothing comfortable or attractive about sagging clothes that bulge out of your pants.

"Even if you don't wear a pair for a long time and keep it in your drawer, the elastic band and fabric wears out and stops working," she added. "You can tell this is happening if they no longer return to their original shape after you stretch them."

Lecigne also pointed out that factors like wearing your clothes to the gym or at work, as well as how and how often you wash them, will affect their lifespan.

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At the end of the day, all you have to do is wash your underwear regularly, get rid of it when it's visibly worn, and keep your intimate area happy.

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