Five steps to pack a suitcase like Marie Kondo - LA GACETA Salta

Five steps to pack a suitcase like Marie Kondo - LA GACETA Salta

More organized than ever. This is how the suitcase will be if you take into account what the woman of the moment says: Marie Kondo, who recently premiered her series via streaming called “To order everything with Marie Kondo”. Dismissing what does not make us happy or causes us doubts and keeping clothes folded, in sight, are some of the tips offered by the guru of order. If not, you may have a setback on those long-awaited vacations. For example, according to the Booking platform -in a survey conducted around the world- 52% of travelers carry extra clothes, 13% do not put everything they need in the suitcase and 35% forget to carry essential items. , such as a cell phone charger (17%). Cinco pasos para armar la valija a lo Marie Kondo - LA GACETA Salta Cinco pasos para armar la valija a lo Marie Kondo - LA GACETA Salta

In this context, another search engine for flights and hotels, Skyscanner, highlights some tips from the author of the best seller “The Magic of Order” to assemble the suitcase without complications when choosing and storing clothes and accessories.

STEP BY STEP. Fold in (approx. a third) and fold the other third; fold the garment on itself (1); again (2) and a third time as a packet.

1- All to bed

The first step is to put on the bed all the clothes, shoes, accessories and personal hygiene items that you plan to bring. The objective is to obtain a global panorama of the garments that are alike and how much or how little is intended to be loaded in the suitcase.

2- Choose

Cinco pasos para armar la valija a lo Marie Kondo - LA GACETA Salta

The second step is to think about the different looks, according to the weather and the activities that are going to be carried out. Each garment has to give the possibility of making different combinations for each day. That way you save space. Then the basics will be allies. The best advice: if you doubt something, better not take it.

VIEW. Garments must be visible and not on top of each other.

3- Light as a feather

Unless you are traveling to a cold-weather destination, leave bulky clothing or cumbersome accessories at home. When it comes to traveling, it's best to pack clothes that can be easily folded and don't take up as much space. Remember that today the space and weight of the suitcase are sacred and expensive.

4- To roll up

Once the looks have been put together and the extra clothes have been discarded, it is time to fold them using the Konmari method (that of Marie Kondo). Instead of storing the clothes one on top of the other, it is best to do it vertically, as if it were a library where you can see all the books, without any of them being hidden. If you saw the Marie Kondo series on Netflix you will understand the concept. Store each garment also according to its category (t-shirts, shorts, pants, socks) and, if they carry more delicate or voluminous garments, such as shirts or dresses, it is advisable to place them at the top of the suitcase, above the others, to give them more space. space and prevent them from wrinkling more than they should.

5- Komono

The most tedious problem of packing the suitcase is surely those annoying shampoo explosions that -according to Booking- happen to the 10% of travelers who do not store liquids well. Marie Kondo builds on the Komono concept when it comes to organizing small items. Many times, small objects such as chargers, bathroom items, makeup and other accessories are stored among the clothes so that they do not break. And to avoid accidents it is better to designate a special place in the suitcase using small organizers. These should be made of flexible material to hold all small or breakable items regardless of size. Zip lock bags are also allies.

TEST. A t-shirt is neatly folded if it stays that way.

what makes us happy

Konmari (Marie Kondo's method) encourages living with what really makes us happy. So, if these ten shirts are really a kind of travel insurance, go ahead... And this is confirmed by other numbers: one in three Argentines -according to Booking- wears the shirt of his soccer team when he travels. It's not a trend and it's not fashion, it's just a passion that can be seen by looking up at the beach or in the river: you will surely find an Argentine soccer jersey.

more tips

What to do with the shoes and the return home

- The footwear: it goes at the bottom of the suitcase, in individual bags for each pair (it is the heaviest element).

- Transfer creams, lotions and toiletries into smaller bottles to reduce volume.

- Do not forget that trips are always round trip: spend a few minutes to clean the empty bags (wheels, interior and exterior).

- Underwear, stockings and socks, accessories and jewelry. Use toiletry bags or cases for each of these categories of things. This will make it easier to find what you are looking for.

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