He denounced his neighbor for hanging underwear in the courtyard to seduce her husband

He denounced his neighbor for hanging underwear in the courtyard to seduce her husband

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As reported by the Chronicle website, the uniformed decided to attend the house located in the Las Brisas neighborhood, to calm the tense conflict that had been created between the complainant woman and her neighbor, according to the media El Heraldo, from Mexico.Women's demand is based on the fact that the young woman breaks "the good moral".

A practice that was a source of problems

When the authorities arrived, the complainant called Yuvitza and., 42, said her neighbor wanted to cause her trying to "seduce" her husband through an "unusual" method.That is, he tended his thongs in the patio, which limits with his house, to make them visible and thus attract the attention of man.


According to the woman, the young woman lay her clothes on the noon that her husband did not work.

Denunció a su vecina por colgar la ropa interior en el patio para seducir a su marido

The complainant confirmed to the Police that the fact that her neighboring store her thongs in the patio, who is bordering her home, had been a source of problems with her husband repeatedly.For this reason, the woman got tired of the situation that was repeated again and again, and decided to denounce the young woman, who was qualified by Yuvitza as an "impudent" woman.

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Apparently, the lady had surprised in fraganti to her husband, who spy on stared and dumbfounded her neighbor's thong.


Her husband kept watching the girl's underwear.

The complainant also said that it is no coincidence that neighboring lave her thongs on a Saturday, just the day her husband rests and is located all day at home, with nothing more to do to look at the underwear of the young woman.As if that were not enough, Yuvitza specified that the girl tends the thongs just at noon, that is, the moment when her husband gets up in her non -work day.

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After the agents chat with the woman about what was happening, they finally informed her that they could not take the complaint, because the young woman was not committing any crime.Despite the outrage that the lady had, the police advised her to reach an agreement with the girl, to avoid subsequent conflicts and misunderstandings.

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