The unusual demand of a woman to her boyfriend's former: "I don't want you to upload more photos in underwear"

The unusual demand of a woman to her boyfriend's former: "I don't want you to upload more photos in underwear"

Un usuario de Twitter compartió una insólita situación que vivió una amiga suya en Instagram.Through the social network, the young man shared the messages that a former friend's girlfriend had sent him privately.

"Hi Linda, Look, I wanted to tell you what my boyfriend told me a long time ago that they were a month before mine with him was official," the woman wrote to him.

No quiero que subas más fotos en ropa interior. Es más, si es necesario no subas más fotos porque siempre tenemos discusiones por vos y me haces sentir incómoda”, exigió la desconocida.

Después empezó a hacer juicios sobre la forma en que la chica increpada se muestra en las redes sociales. “Nadie te va a tomar en serio si subís fotos así.It's an advice nothing more, ”he said.

Before the indifference of the young woman attacked, the other woman continued to send messages but in a more violent tone and began to draw conclusions about the physical change of the girl.

La insólita exigencia de una mujer a la ex de su novio:

“You surely paid for you to leave you like that, something you did because it cannot be that you have gone so much weight to what you were.Posta you were fat, you did something, ”he said.

However, the attacked young woman continued without responding to the absurd demands of the woman causing the anger of the female that did not give up.“I am sending you messages answer me and do what I told you. Si es necesario elimina tu cuenta”.

The message went viral and due to the stir generated the boyfriend of the aggressor wrote to the girl. “Apareció el novio de la loca, al final son igual de enfermos”, escribió el usuario de Twitter que dio a conocer la historia.

As you can read in the conversation, the young man initiated the dialogue with an apology request for the actions of his girlfriend.The man said that despite the discussions with his partner he did not want to stop following her because she "loves".

Like his girlfriend, and for some strange reason, the subject chose to refer to the girl's body. “Se nota que te pusiste como prioridad por así decirlo pero a mi me gustas desde que estabas más rellana, más para agarrar”, dijo.

Again, the attacked woman chose indifference and the man decided to continue with her girlfriend's arguments."My girlfriend is right, they don't take you seriously for the photos you upload, who wants a girlfriend who shows everyone's ass?" He asked.

Reaching the end of the absurd and incoherent monologue the subject decided to block the girl although he confessed that he would have liked to go out with her. No obstante, cerró el texto con un fuerte insulto.

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