Well it turns out that Pogba was not a 'whim' of Zidane

Well it turns out that Pogba was not a 'whim' of Zidane

France - Germany |Eurocup

El centrocampista, objetivo blanco muchos años, da un recital ante AlemaniaPues resulta que Pogba no era un 'capricho' de Zidane Pues resulta que Pogba no era un 'capricho' de Zidane


France ended up suffering because Germany has that ability to grab the games no matter how bad.However, especially during the first half, those of Deschamps dominated the duel with iron fist.And they did it thanks to the power of their trident in the center of the field: Pogba, Kanté and Rabiot.The threat trident, the other dominates.

Of the three, the figure of Pogba rose above that of the rest of midfielders.Exhibition of power and talent that they said was a 'whim' of Zidane, who for years fought for his arrival at Real Madrid, which finally did not occur.Zidane knew what he wanted....

Pogba is a piece of player

For a long time, Pogba became Zidane's object of desire to reinforce the center of the Madrid field.And it was not a whim of the coach because the Frenchman is a piece of player.Has a hierarchy and a presence on the brutal field.And quality, muscle, physical deployment, stride, hit, arrival, power...Pogba was decisive in the Gallic victory with his participation in 1-0, assisting Lucas with a pass with the outside that would sign Modric in the goal play.

The other French trident

The famous trident of France is Mbappé, Benzema and Griezmann, but the other Gallic trident in the center of the field is a show.Deschamps aligned Kanté, Pogba and Rabiot in the core and often marked, full of strength and talent.They held and launched to France until the German thrust made them suffer a little.Kroos, who was seen very little, can attest to the power and forcefulness of the other French trident.

Benzema-Mbappé: summer love

Pues resulta que Pogba no era un 'capricho' de Zidane

France's debut in the Eurocup left more photos for the 'couple' album of Mbappé and Benzema, inseparable from the beginning of the concentration.Yesterday they posed together both in the initial formation with the Germans and the arbitration team and in the photo of the eleven.However, its connection outside the field has not yet exploded it on the pitch.They had their moment of glory at the end of the game, but Karim's goal to Mbappé's pass was annulled.

Canceled, but what a goal of Mbappé

Mbappé left flashes of his quality throughout the whole game.Above all, flashes of the coordination that demonstrates in its speed and its actions with the controlled ball.Proof of this was the goal that put in the second part, finally canceled offside.He advanced at vertigo speed, threatened, dribbling, the space for the shot was sought and finished off the stick with a spectacular class.The same speed that he showed in the other goal canceled France on the offside and in an action in which he took the stickers to Hummels and would end up asking for penalty.

A goal in an avoidable door

Hummels scored on his own door in France's goal.It was a mistake that a defensal of his level and experience should not have committed.He doubted and reacted late on a ball that had to have cleared without major problems.It is true that the presence of Mbappé for the auction pressed him and that the ball came with some force, but he armed his leg to clear and cost Germany very late.

Rudiger's 'miter'

I don't know what Rudiger would be thinking when he gave him a mitry in the back to Pogba while the Frenchman got to receive the ball in a band loot.Pogba complained little, but it is an out -of -place action that could have cost the central one if Pogba gives Pogba to get the attention of the action more.In fact, he protested the assistant, who interpreted that what he was complaining was off the offside that he had just whistled.

Del Cerro, another climb for Spanish arbitration

After the great performance of Mateu Lahoz in the Champions League final and last Saturday already in the EuropeGermany.Good performance, with only the controversy of the kick in Kimmich's face to Lucas in which the German played the second yellow card.Del Cerro interpreted that there was no intention and left him in a notice.He was brilliant when he did not decree penalty in an action of Mbappé with Hummels, who plays the ball.Curious the images of the 'Spaniards' Varane, Griezmann or Kroos being in charge of the protests.

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