What if there is another Filomena?This is all you need to survive a snowless without problems

What if there is another Filomena?This is all you need to survive a snowless without problems

If we have forecasts that another Filomena can be given in our country, it will be best to prepare with certain products that can be of great help at a given time, especially not to go cold in case I caught you fully.

You must see some of the garments that you should have by hand to mitigate the first problem that is the cold.

Thermal underwear


This thermal underwear is made with 4 times stretched fabric, which offers excellent elasticity and total freedom of movement to avoid muscle tension.Its price varies from 23.99 euros for men or 24.99 euros for women.

It has a magnificent heat performance and a windproof function in cold climates.Ideal for not spending anything cold.

BenBoy Thermal underwear HombreLAPASA Conjuntos Ropa Térmica Mujer



A polar lining is also a fantastic option not to go cold and be well covered before the cold and more if a storm comes like the one that Filomena meant.

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You can buy a Polar lining for Men Geographical Norway Texas for 39.01 euros, while the woman is a Columbia Fast Trek that costs 29.05 euros.

Geographical Norway Texas Forro HombreColumbia Fast Trek Forro mujer

Lukskys Heating socks

¿Y si hay otra Filomena? Esto es todo lo que necesitas para sobrevivir a una nevada sin problemas


These socks are valid for both men and women so there will be no problems that in both cases to have very warm feet in case you begin to fall snow and the thermometers collide.Its price is 57.99 euros.

These socks use a 3,500 mAh rechargeable battery, with protection against overcurrent and short circuits, battery life can reach 6-12 hours, and is approximately 3-5 hours when it is completely loaded.

Lukskys Heating socks



In this jacket, the carbon fiber heating element is quickly heated and generates heat in the front and rear, which allows you to feel a 360 -regrated heat.Its price is 54.99 euros.

It is valid for both men and women, with a 10,000 mAh battery that provides up to 8 hours of heat, admitting two load methods: type C and micro USB.


In case you are in the car

If there has been no choice but to leave and you catch an important snowfall in the car, in addition to carrying all the equipment you have seen so as not to go cold, it should have two elements that can be fundamental to get at least move some space.

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One of them is a wooden shovel that allows you to remove snow that can bother you to continue your march or simply so that the car has space to start walking in case you are trapped.In addition, you could help you to make your way if you decide to walk somewhere.

Its price is 18.87 euros.He has a ring mango, his measure is number 3 and is ideal for everything you have been able to read.


Wolfpack 2360342

Another of the things that should not be missing in the car is a good snow fabric that allows you to move beyond the area where the wheels alone cannot.

The price is 49.95 euros and there are different sizes depending on the average of the wheels of your car.


Goodyear GOD8011

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In a few days you will have any of the articles that you have been able to see in this article and that can be so necessary.

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They are articles that can mark a before and after if you look engulfed by a storm as important as Filomena.

This time you will be prepared for whatever comes.

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