Yes, to have anal sex you can train the area with these tips

Yes, to have anal sex you can train the area with these tips

It always seems fascinating that in porn movies they are giving the subject and, suddenly, the uncle changes the hole and passes from the vagina to the anus without her being aim.

Any resemblance to reality is pure coincidence.If it is who happens to you, as soon as you notice that it deviates a little from the vulva and ‘wrong’ and gives ‘unintentionally’ to the ass you already close in band and you release the “What are you doing?”.

A rhetorical question that comes to say "forbidden to pass".


Because there will be those who come out saying that nothing happens, that both the anus and the vagina are muscles and that the penetration can be done the same, they are not the same or by Aceomo.

One of them is specifically designed to get babies between the penis.THE OTHER TO GET CAACA.And don't try to refute it because there is no leafy turn.

What can also be used to have relationships?Yes, but not anyway.As a muscle that it is, we can train it so that the body becomes familiar with the sensations and also enjoy this part.

And the best?Which can be applied to both men and women.

Sí, para tener sexo anal puedes entrenar la zona con estos consejos

Start relaxing and touching you, it is essential that you have peace of mind and excitation in equal parts.

Then, try something tiny, since the progression must be from least to greatest.My advice is that your first contact is one of your fingers and for several reasons.

It's yours, it's on hand (literally) and you are sure that you decide how far to put it.Once you have it controlled, it is comfortable and pleasant - it doesn't have a hard time introducing it - I suggest you try some kind of toy.

You can go for those plug sets that come in various sizes and increase thickness tolerance little by little.Think that this training is like any other, when you practice more, your body will get used to and you will enjoy it.

Another alternative, if you do not want to get a collection too extensive and you prefer to add only one toy to your collection, you try thai -male balls (if you missed the differences they have with respect to the plugs, read this article).

They are several bound balls of different thicknesses, so the way of level up is to get the toy more and more adapt to their different volumes.

What advise you completely is that you experience objects or items that are not specifically designed to have anal sex because you can take a scare (and end in the emergency department).

Anal toys usually have a stop that prevent them from sneaking inside the intestine.And just as we have a sphincter that pushes out, another pulls into -from there it gives so much pleasure -and we run the risk of losing that vibrating bullet that seemed perfect in size to practice.

After these toys have learned to relax the sphincters and have more control over your anus, you can try the penetration, yes, but also to continue using them as a couple (as long as you do not forget to clean them well).

Duchess DosLabios.

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