Selmark, the Galician underwear firm that conquers all Spanish women

Selmark, the Galician underwear firm that conquers all Spanish women

Selmark is a family company based in Vigo that has worked for the past forty years to "offer women the intimate clothing that best suits their body and lifestyle". Since 1975, when Amador Pérez founded the company, three generations of women have supported and trusted the brand, which has evolved with society.

Since its foundation until today they have managed to create a large collection, in which there are more than 8,000 references, even though they have only started with four models in various colors. Its fifteen lines of corsetry and lingerie make this company of Vigo one of the bastions of women's underwear nationwide.

Her recent collaboration with TV presenter Pilar Rubio has succeeded in placing the brand among the Spanish favorites, exhausting some of the models lucid by the celebration in just three weeks since its launch.

Selmark, la firma de ropa interior gallega que conquista a todas las españolas

They are now implemented in more than 40 countries and their success means that they employ 300 people directly, a figure that is twice as high if the factory's indirect jobs are taken into account. The change in the leadership of Selmark, which now occupies the second generation of the Pérez family, has brought modernity and dynamism to the brand and helped to lead an effective internationalization process.

The most intimate Revolution

The key to success has always been the quality and detail of each brand design. Its "impeccable and almost tailor-made patronage" is what has certainly won the public, as well as turning design, comfort and technical perfection into their identity mark.

In the 1970s, when the company was founded, Spanish women were going through the same process of openness as the country, with the last collisions of Francoism. Female underwear, in this context, prevailed functionality, leaving aside aesthetics.

At that time, Amador Pérez, who was already working in the textile sector, decided to create Selmark with the aim of creating functional, comfortable and attractive collections. Since then, the brand and its designs have evolved to suit the current woman, now with references including bras, panties, bodies, corpios, corselets and other lingerie garments, in addition to their bridal and bathing lines.

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