Tequisquiapan threatened - Querétaro news

Tequisquiapan threatened - Querétaro news

The level of floods grows

By Luis Montes de Oca


The fury of the water feels on the legs, the body vibrates in its path, pulls;Firefighters and National Guard put two boats by human force, pushing them, without an outboard engine;The flow is resisted letting them pass.A National Guard truck reaches the entrance of the the cloisters, the water level prevents it from moving forward, the elements that push the boats advance dramatically, the effort is noticed.A Mexican army truck enters without difficulty and is lost in sight within the other National Guard fractionation and the waves grows, then deviates through a surrounding street that looks like a river.

The Director of the Rafael Zamorano Elementary School, which is fully flooded, of direction, halls, courts and sanitary, with the help of the National Guard enters the squad with the middle water to rescue, along with another person, the speakers, the speakers, the speakers, the speakers, the speakers,The pruning and what can be your office is a slope of fetid waters.

At the limit of flooding, merchants ask insistent if it will continue to rain, if the levels and the flooded area will increase, there is no one to give them a reliable explanation, because the weather has no word of honor.There is a discomfort while they save their merchandise, a woman tells us angry, my sack was stolen, they left my merchandise unprotected;Another indicates that the sacks are stolen and before the emergency they sell them.

Trucks arrive and they strive to save their belongings.All carry cell phones and take videos and photos, they cannot do more for the fall of the systems from 10:00 a.m..Us neither.

Very close in the center, the parish of Santa María de la Asunción, has its open doors, water and floods respecting it, did not reach it;In the square and some streets with restaurants and tables in the walkers, there are families eating, open businesses, life tries to follow normally, such as makeup not to show the wound that these floods have left.

We learned that the Secretary of Tourism Mariela Morán holds a meeting and then will take a tour;Mayor Antonio Mejía and his teams have worked incessantly to attend the contingency that is presented on several fronts, which threatens the people and that they have them on a red alert.

The communities

Tequisquiapan amenazado - News de Querétaro

With a full and brightness sun in the countryside, with an intense blue sky and some loads loaded, we take the road to San Nicolás, we help Sabino Hernández, a municipal policeman who knows every centimeter of its territory and that kindly puts us in front of us the news:

The town of San Nicolás is strange and more now with the growing of the San Juan River that have destroyed them and production, which has left a lodazal their workplace.

We walk through streets that have facade ovens, we see an añl horizon that the river is a huge lagoon, we see its torn furnaces, the mud without form of what were already partitions to put them in the oven.We see their smiling faces with greeting, because they do not lose the forms.We observe that tragedy, we see them, matt.We ask what do the governor ask?And one answers: "Stoves, refrigerators, mattresses, old iron they sell!"and explodes everyone's laughter.We continue, stepping on the mud, watching them to recover the mud and start over, as soon as the waters pass and the river goes down, which for now its threat is growing.

White board

At the entrance of the community you can see what were soccer courts, they are guessed by the crossbar.Everything is submerged, near the houses, you see a monitor of a computer floating and on a stone piles of clothing.Women and children are sitting out of their homes inside, impossible, they are flooded.

The dramas happen, the mother of five children who has to work because she was abandoned by the husband;The woman who spends the day crying without being able to enter her house because she can't even open the door through the sack.They don't complain, they lament the situation;They do not deny help but ask for more;But how to help if they built the riverbank and there is no way to drain their house, because it is sinister and we have to wait for the level to lower and that can be the opposite these days these days.

They ask us to enter and fail to open the door, just put the camera to register that drama they live.

There is a weight on the back when they retire from a community like white board, such as these two families with serious effects, with the situation they face and see what the smiles of those children are left with their feet mudden who want to approach and the elderly reconvene them.

Tequisquiapan is not just the centerhistoric, its first picture, which is injured, but not death.

Centenary dam

The water rumble of the centenary dam shakes, deafens ... impresses.We walk on what they call "coronation", that hall that allows you to walk between immensity and the deck, see the show, the violence of the liquid.

The passage is so uniform and with such force that when it falls it causes a revolt that seeks to channel and advances hitting what is put in front of it, claiming their paths, because they say that the water has memory and those who do not have it are some developers who havebuilt in these areas that are threatened by the force of nature that exceeds man's intelligence and his works.

On one side of the landfill, a settlement, a round room built with ashlar and some people living there, forward another refuge and traces of the burning.

People who are at an imminent risk and that when we ask, they tell us that they constantly take themtragedy.

The Magdalena

Sabino Hernández takes on the way to Magdalena, we arrive at Junípero Serra Street and the panorama is contrasting, the water does not respect economic or social condition, house and flooded subdivisions, walking on the sidewalk the strap is about 50 centimeters and on the road streamIt increases to 75 or 80 and continues to arrive, the runoff are seen, a fence broke or broke to let the water run and on the other side it can be seen the same or worse.A man who plays with some children, tells us that water has not arrived inside their homes, but is at the door ... threatening, accumulating.

The municipal presidency

The water is seen on Juárez street, it appears to be still, but progress.The workers with transfers have placed a barricade of land to prevent it from arriving, but the water has already entered the Los Sabinos subdivision, flooded its streets and is on the sidewalk, on the cost, growing the level slowly.The macin and achique bombs are related to lower the level, but it looks powerful, it progresses slowly causing fear, alarm, a wedding dresses store already has water inside, the workers try to remove it, but the water follows its slowRoad, threats to the municipal presidency, which is a human anthill performing tasks to safeguard the building.

It is already the afternoon, there is a Chicha peace, in the anguish of waiting on Wednesday and Thursday and the torrential rains and anguish for facing the natural phenomenon and preventing it from continuing to lake towns and cities.

Marabunta water that destroys everything in its path.

Tequisquiapan is not underwater, it is true, but the affected areas live critical moments.

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