They found Eduardo Saad in their former's house

They found Eduardo Saad in their former's house

El cadáver de Eduardo Saad, el hombre de 77 años que llevaba 43 días desaparecido, fue encontrado en un galpón ubicado en la casa de su exmujer, en barrio Escobar, de la ciudad de Córdoba. El hallazgo se produjo en el mediodía de este jueves.Encontraron muerto a Eduardo Saad en la casa de su ex Encontraron muerto a Eduardo Saad en la casa de su ex

The last time they had seen him alive, on June 30, Eduardo had left his truck in front of his ex -wife's house, on Las Beaches at 1300.This was the last fact that was known about him until Thursday.

40 days after Eduardo Saad's disappearance, his family published an emotional video

Since his family settled the complaint for his disappearance, a special team for the protection of police officers, under the directives of prosecutor Horacio Vázquez, began a search that he pointed out in different directions.

First, it was tried.

Given this, an exhaustive match of public and private security cameras located in the area where it was last seen, but it was not possible to find a record of it.

The investigation was then addressed to the margins of the Suquía River, even with specialized divers in these searches, especially in the area near that home in the Escobar neighborhood, but it was not possible to find a specific track.

Several of the largest water mirrors in the province were also reviewed, without results for the cause.

As Saad had a history of ludopathy, some friends of him were located, with whom he used to play, but that track was negative.

The same happened with the tracking that was made in various casinos, where security cameras were compared trying to find some image of the searched man.

Encontraron muerto a Eduardo Saad en la casa de su ex

It was then that the researchers decided to return to the “zero point” of the cause: the place where he left his truck and a neighbor said he had seen him for the last time.

"We know how and when there got there.But not how it came out, ”said a investigator at a meeting that held 2 at the beginning of this week.It was then that it was decided to deepen the track.

By declaring at the time, his ex -wife Juana said she had not seen that day.That he went to the doctor and that when he returned he ran into the truck parked there, but that Eduardo was not.When the hours passed and did not return, she said, she worried and told the children they have in common, Inés and Javier.

As Eduardo did not respond to the calls, his children went to his department in Barrio San Martín, where they did not find it either, but they did notice that the phone had been left there.

“In his department he left the cell phone loading, all his documentation, all his clothes...Everything indicates that he planned to return to his home, ”said Inés to the press.

It all began to be directed towards bewilderment.

Until minutes after 12 on Thursday, Eduardo's body was found behind some packages in a shed adjacent to his ex -wife's house, where he used to park the truck.

While the investigators had already decided to return to the "zero point" this week, it was not a policeman who found the body, but the son himself, Javier.He entered the shed, where he had already entered other times since his father was missing, but this time a strong smell made him suspect the worst, as he would later declare before the police.After columns of Arpillera bags, where Eduardo used.

From this novelty, prosecutor Vázquez arrived at the scene and ordered anyone to touch anything until the investigators of the Judicial Police work.

Bugly, the judicial official just confirmed the discovery of the body: "Now we want to elucidate the efficient cause of his death and from there we will see what measures we will adopt".


The body was transferred to the judicial morgue and now everything remained in the hands of the forensics.Accident, homicide, suicide?Was the body always in that place or did someone put it there?Eduardo really died the day he disappeared or later?For now, all are questions and speculation.The case continues to be entitled by the prosecutor as the death of doubtful etiology waiting for a more concrete response that comes from the autopsy.

But this is not all: according to the sources consulted, Eduardo used to go to that shed, because there he had the elements that he joined, since he was dedicated to the purchase and sale of metal.If the day he disappeared, he left the truck parked on the sidewalk, why did no one think he could be there?What happened in the operations regarding the "zero zone"?If it is confirmed that the man died that day and was always in the same place, it will be more complicated to understand how they did not find it before.

In that sense, the sources consulted assured that this shed was reviewed.But that at first glance nothing strange was observed, since when the police entered they noticed that everything was intact, with nothing that caught the attention.

The body of the man was in a small hole, between an iron column, a wall and the pallets with the bags full of metal.A first hypothesis indicates that he could have fallen headly when he was looking for something above the bags, at a height of 1.80 meters.In that sense, the experts found hair and blood spots next to the body."This is a blind space between the pallets, only those who knew the shed could know about that place, because it is not seen with the naked eye," added another source.

On how nobody noticed the nausebound smell before, an informant of the Judicial Police hoped that the body was found in a state of "premomification", apparently the product of moisture, cold and ventilation that are conjugated in that place.While this is not usually common, he said, it is not ruled out that this situation delayed the decomposition of the body.

Anyway, one of the first expert opinions that was going to be carried out at the autopsy table was going to be a study with Equis rays in the head, to try to determine if he suffered a bullet, some deep wound or if he died because of aStrong blow compatible with a fall.

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