This is how you should wash and maintain winter clothes so they don't get damaged

This is how you should wash and maintain winter clothes so they don't get damaged

The change of season always means a change of wardrobe. Although autumn begins in September, in some regions the good weather has delayed the substitution of summer clothes for clothes typical of the season: jackets, sweatshirts or coats. However, this weekend a significant drop in temperatures is expected in communities such as the Region of Murcia and rainfall in many cities in the country.

If we want to look like new clothes and extend their useful life, we must take care of them. When we take it out we can get a surprise: worn clothes, with holes or stains that are very difficult to remove. From Mr Jeff, a Spanish start up of international laundry franchises, they explain what care must be taken into account to wash and keep clothes in good condition. Thus, we will have them as new for the next season.

How to take care of winter fabrics

Winter clothing requires special attention due to its more complex and delicate fabric. In addition, they are more sensitive to environmental humidity. Each type of fabric needs special care.

Así debes lavar y mantener la ropa de invierno para que no se estropee

- Crochet clothes. Garments such as sweaters or scarves can be washed in the washing machine, but without using hot water because otherwise we will cause them to lose their shape or wear out. Nor should we subject them to the heat of the iron. To dry them, it is more convenient to leave them on a plastic chair or spread out on a flat surface so that they do not deform.

- Velvet and suede. The best thing to do to treat these garments is to read the instructions on the label. Normally it will tell us that velvet and suede should be dry cleaned. Under no circumstances is it recommended to use metal plates. It is important to avoid direct contact with rainwater.

- Feather garments. All jackets and coats that contain down tend to wear down inside with every wash. Therefore, the best option to clean them when they have stains is to do it with a soft bristle brush and some stain remover foam. The entire garment should not be washed with water. An alternative is to go to a dry cleaner.

- Leather or synthetic hair clothing. Garments with synthetic material are damaged when washed with water, and can even generate mold. If it gets wet due to rain, it is best to shake these garments vigorously to remove excess water and let them dry in a dry place with a hot temperature.

On the other hand, when we store the clothes that we are no longer going to wear, we make the mistake of not paying attention to how we should do it. For this reason, we have to make sure that we keep it without stains or holes.


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