This is the type of underwear you should wear to avoid infections

This is the type of underwear you should wear to avoid infections
Cotton in underwear generates freshness, helps to have greater ventilation, and moisture absorption. Photo: Photolyric Stock Productions (Kl (Photolyric Stock Productions

Gynecologist Mercy Dávila comments that before choosing your underwear you should verify that it is 100% cotton because it reduces humidity and perspiration, in addition to this material prevents the proliferation of bacteria and fungi in that area.

“This advice should not only be applied by women but also by men, because the misuse of underwear increases the proliferation of bacteria in the urethra, skin and mucous membranes. By reducing humidity with cotton, this bacterial growth is avoided,” said Dávila.

Cotton in underwear generates freshness, helps to have greater ventilation, moisture absorption and balances the PH by maintaining the acidity of the vagina.

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For women who wear 'strings' or 'thongs', they should take into account that these can serve as a means to transfer infections of the gastrointestinal system from the anus to the vulva.

This is the kind of underwear that you should wear to avoid infections

If we still don't know how to choose the correct size for our underwear, the first thing we should do is take the measurements of the torso and compare it with the size of the preferred brand. Regarding the bra, Mercy recommends choosing a cup that covers more than 2/3 of the breast, preferably without wires and that is 100% cotton.

Dávila assures that the use of an underwire bra is not recommended because it mistreats the muscle tissue and in many cases some patients may present costochondritis that they confuse with breast pain.

On the other hand, the gynecologist and obstetrician Andrés Daste from the Clínica del Country comments that as far as the bra, apart from being made of cotton, they should verify that they are soft and smooth, that they manage to support the breast, but without allowing it to fall down gravity, and most importantly it should not squeeze the breast too much.

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“Bras that have underwires tend to increase friction on the mammary gland and on the rib, this can eventually cause pain and lead to misinterpretations, leading us to think that the patient has some kind of condition. So, ideally, you shouldn't wear an underwire bra, except on a few occasions," Daste said.

Regarding underwear, the specialist states that the vaginal flora depends on many factors for its correct functioning, and one of them is the temperature. "Cotton underwear helps to maintain temperature and, therefore, the use of cotton underwear is recommended, rather than other fabrics such as silk, satin, among others," recommends obstetrician Andrés Daste.

This does not mean that underwear made of other materials can never be used, but ideally, the underwear used should be made of cotton so as not to alter the vaginal temperature and not predispose the appearance of some infections.

As for whether it is advisable to sleep without underwear, gynecologist Mercy Dávila recommends doing so, because it improves temperature and ventilation, therefore, the humidity that favors the growth of fungi is reduced.

For men it is also recommended because it improves fertility by favoring the temperature of the scrotum and sperm. Likewise, it favors confidence in recognizing our body and enjoying it.

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