Before buying your next bra, read this story

Before buying your next bra, read this story

Lynne McConnell, is the name of a 51-year-old woman from Brighton, a city on the south coast of England; According to what she Lynne tells of her, after a recommendation that she was given in a lingerie store, she decided to make a constant habit of using tight bras with metal underwires, thinking that this would be the most favorable for herself.

Since then 15 years have passed; And although everything seemed normal, one day this pharmaceutical industry worker noticed a large and annoying bulge between her breasts, near the place where one of the rings of her bra rubbed against her skin.

Concerned, she decided to go to the doctor to see what was happening with her, finding that what she had was a large 4×4 centimeter cyst; When inquiring about its origin, the doctor explained that its production was due to a blockage of her glands as a result of the constant and permanent rubbing of the bra against the skin.

In order to solve her problem, she had to undergo removal surgery, leaving a large open wound on her chest, which was not the most aesthetic, and also did not allow her to wear a bra for a long time; making him live a very hard experience, through which he wants to help other people.

Before buying your next bra, read this story

For this reason today, from her experience, Lynne speaks to all women sharing her testimony, so that they do not follow her example, and be a little more careful because of the consequences it can bring to their health the constant and prolonged use of tight underwear.

“We are not aware of the damage this type of bra can cause”, “Obviously something went wrong. The only thing I want is for people to learn from what has happened to me”, “I don't want anyone else to go through this”.

Beyond the pain and everything that the medical procedure involved, this woman shares that all this experience also hit her self-esteem hard, because although she tried to convince herself that she was fine, she did not feel proud of the appearance she had He let him go through that situation.

“It really affected my self-esteem for a long time”, “I went weeks without being able to wear a bra, trying to be proud of my appearance. It wasn't pretty."

To echo Lynne's voice, the invitation is to become a little aware of the type of bra we wear; Although it is true that we should feel good about our appearance, wearing one that is too tight for the purpose of putting appearance before health is not the right thing to do.

So when making this decision at the store, keep your appearance in mind, but also keep in mind how comfortable your bra fits and don't go tight; Well, a few years later you might regret that decision.

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