From slaves of the regime to "sows" in China: the dark sex business against the deserters of North Korea

From slaves of the regime to "sows" in China: the dark sex business against the deserters of North Korea

On Tuesday, the United States included China in their blacklist of people traffickers, in the same range that, among other 21 countries, is North Korea.

As indicated by its annual report on people traffic, inclusion is due, to a large extent, to a complicity between the two countries to sustain a transit network specialized in the exploitation of North Korean citizens.

As explained by the head of American diplomacy, Rex Tillerson, the State Department degraded China, "in part, because it has not taken serious measures to end their complicity in the traffic of human beings, including North Koreans undergoingForced ".

Thanks to these forced workers sent to China and Russia, "North Korea receives hundreds of millions of dollars per year (...).That can't continue, "he added.

Several victims of the traffic of people who have managed to escape their captivity have shared the horrifying experiences that have had to suffer as a consequence of this dark business, some of them portrayed in the autobiography entitled Dear Leader, written by a northern north Korea deserterJang Jin-Sung.

In the book, a broker who helps deserters from the communist country to arrive from the Northeast of China to South Korea called Shin Gwang-Ho explains how several North Koreans risk their lives crossing the border to only find an equal or worse misery of the other side.

"In China, there are fewer women than men, and in some villages there are no women even.These men cannot marry, unless they have money ... So, there are men who are dedicated to kidnapping North Korean women as soon as they cross the border with China.Many people who speak Korean on the border have connections with criminal organizations, "Shin explained.

"Do you know what North Korean women call here?" Shin asked from his home in the Northeast Chinese.

De esclavas del régimen a

"Surs," he replied."In the Chinese countryside, pigs are valuable, so people call women 'sows'.They are classified according to their age and appearance.A first category 'sow' can be achieved by around 200.000 Won;The second category is sold at 150.000 Won;And category three can cost 100.000 Won.The brokers, which act as intermediaries, charge half of the sale price as fees.Category one is equivalent to around USD 1.500 ″.

"If they sell you at that price, at least you go to a better home.Under that amount, women are taken to very remote fields or are married to disabled men who cannot find wives.They spend the rest of their lives rotting.The field here is a miserable place ".

Some women are chained all night so they can't escape."Think about it: a peasant who has bought a woman has made a great investment, and these North Korean women were already daring enough to cross the border.Do you think they wouldn't escape?Well, yes, they continue to escape, and because everyone knows this, they are maintained with chains, at least until they had their first baby, "he added.

Just as most women are captured to be sold for sexual purposes, North Korean men also run the risk of being used by traffickers in China.

"While most North Korean women are sold, North Korean men have two possible destinations.Or are captured and returned to North Korea;Or, if they have enough money and a decent agent, they eventually reach South Korea.But in the eyes of the traffickers, women are worth at least 150.000 Won cada una", dijo Shin, quien asistió a Jang Jin-sung cuando él desertó.

"You two are very lucky.If they had met the wrong type of people, they could have been taken hostage until the South Korean spies could produce enough money for the rescue, "Shin told Jang and his friend when they escaped.

One of the victims that Jang knew during his arduous road to South Korea was a girl of only 16 years of age who loaded a baby in his arms.The girl had managed to escape from her owner, but he had left her a memory.

"I fainted.When that bastard bought me, I was 14 years old.I did not know anything.He started getting out of clothes.A middle -aged monster.Do you know what happened that day?I started crying because I was afraid.Then his mother and sister entered the room.I held my arms and legs and took my underwear, "said the girl in tears.

"Then, you know what, while my mother -in -law and my sister -in -law held me, that old monster, he abused me in front of them," he added."Then I passed out.Then, my poor Jung-Hyun, my Jung-Hyun was born blind.For that damn monster ".

According to the agent, there are about 100.000 North Koreans captured, "in Limbo", in China.However, other sources report that this figure could be closer to 200.000.


Estados Unidos incluyó a China en su lista negra de traficantes de personas


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