"Wash your legs": Kel Calderón surprises with striking photo

"Wash your legs": Kel Calderón surprises with striking photo

He liked it, but also generated fun comments.Kel Calderón surprised on Wednesday with a striking photo.Through his official Instagram account (@k3lcalderon), where he adds almost 2 million followers, Raquel Argandoña dazzled thousands with a postcard uncovered on top of a mattress.

"They Think She Did It, But They Just Can’t Prov It (they believe she did it, but they can't try it)," said the young woman when publishing the photo.The text he wrote is part of the song "No Body, not Crime", which is part of the album "Evermore", released by Taylor Swift in 2020.

In the image, which has added more than 72 thousand "likes" until the publication of this note, Kel Calderón appears raising the shirt, exposing a warning inland underwear.It also shows your belly.However, something that caught their attention were his feet, since they look like they were dirty.So comments several users.

"Wash your legs", "Black legs La Kell", "Las Patitas my girl", "Is it necessary?", "At least wash your feet finally pig", "What dirty legs" and "It shows thatYou walked on foot all day ”were some of the reactions that Calderón received for the darkness that is seen on the floor of his feet.

“Lávese las patas”: Kel Calderón sorprende con llamativa foto

Kel Calderón's uncovering

It is not the first time that Raquel brings out his most sensual facet on social networks.In fact, since the beginning of August he has shared photographs of the session where the image he recently shared on his busy digital platform was also taken.On that occasion, the web revolutionized with its postcards.

In the first instance, Kel Calderó announced two photos in a bathing suit, which were applauded by figures such as Nicole Putz, Belén Soto, Daniela Castro, Rodrigo Díaz, Eyal Meyer and Raimundo Mayor, who praised his photographic uncover."Lopa", "It is that you passed", "beautiful" and "Chao" were some of the comments.

To those images, Kel added two more, deeply calling the attention of those who integrate their virtual community."How many are?" Asked Castro, who has a friendship with the former figure of programs such as "Karku" and "CQC".Also, through the Story format, Raquel revealed that it was she who made up and combed for that instance."Eye with my talent in makeup and hair," said the law graduate.


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