16 best masks to avoid nebulae glasses

16 best masks to avoid nebulae glasses

If you wear glasses, it is very likely that you develop a new habit in 2020: start them exasperately to clean them while using a mask.After the facial masks became mandatory in public spaces last spring, people have invented some intelligent ways to prevent glasses fogging due to breathing condensation.It is easy for hot breath to escape from the top of a mask, filtering around the glasses of the glasses only one or two inches away from your face;This results in condensation, or fog, and can be quite annoying if it occurs constantly throughout the day.

There are some ways in which people have been dealing with fog glasses, one of which jumped to fame through sites such as YouTube - applying razor cream, among others.The trend may have begun after someone ran into a white paper from the United Kingdom in 2011 that discovered that washing the glasses with soapy water (without rinsing or drying them!) It helped prevent wet lenses from getting wet.The chemicals of the soap - and the razor cream or even toothpaste - can function as a surface agent (or surfactant), or as a fine protection between condensation and lenses.The treatment, together with the fact of carrying the masks in a safe way (in a transport case, for example!), Can help keep the condensation out of your glasses.

But this solution does not last forever, and almost all youtubers and Reddit users who swore it admit that they have had to re -apply these treatments routinely.If you do not completely change contact lenses, you can find a long -term solution if you take a second look at the type of facial mask that is being used.

¿Qué tipo de máscaras son mejores para los que usan gafas?

As we continue using facial masks in the winter season, the theme of glasses with fog has never been more evident;The cold weather only worsens the subject.Selecting a facial mask to help fix your fog glasses is easier if you know what to look for.Try looking for these qualities in the next facial mask that I bought:

  1. Un puente nasal o una pinza: ¿La máscara está equipada con una tira metálica plegable para el puente de la nariz? ¿Esta tira se extiende hacia la parte superior de tus mejillas? Muchas máscaras diseñadas durante la pandemia de COVID-19 utilizan esta característica, ya que puede redirigir el movimiento de su respiración exhalada.
  2. Correas o lazos ajustables para las orejas: Si la máscara es floja, tiene sentido por qué su aliento se escaparía hacia fuera y hacia arriba en su cara. Una máscara de ajuste preciso debe dirigir la respiración a través de la máscara, no hacia arriba y afuera.
  3. Un pliegue recto a través de las mejillas y la nariz: Algunas máscaras han sido diseñadas para sumergirse debajo de los pómulos para formar una cubierta transparente de la nariz. Sin embargo, si usas gafas, eso significa que no hay nada entre la parte inferior de tus lentes y la parte superior de la máscara, lo que hace bastante probable que la respiración se escape por encima de tus mejillas y directamente sobre tus lentes. Si es posible, siempre querrás que los bordes de tus gafas estén encima de la región superior de la máscara, ya que este peso bloquea el flujo de aire.
  4. Hay suficiente espacio para cubrir tu barbilla: ¿Bajando constantemente la máscara para sentarte debajo de la barbilla? Es muy probable que la máscara no cubra lo suficiente la cara y la nariz para que el aliento caliente no se escape hacia arriba y hacia afuera.
  5. El tipo de tejido adecuado: Los materiales que absorben la humedad o el algodón y la seda más ligeros son importantes para los que tienen gafas, ya que no querrás quedarte atrapado con una máscara húmeda que no puede soportar el aliento caliente.

With the help of the textile director of the Good Housekeeping Institute, Lexie Sachs, we are highlighting some of the best masks for those who wear glasses.These options remain adjusted to the nose, mouth, chin and cheeks, and will ensure their glasses as clear as possible.

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16 mejores mascarillas para evitar las gafas nebulosas

Honeywell The construction of the outer cover of this facial mask helps relieve moisture that can be trapped inside, since the interior filters are changed with each use.The nose clip with leather support also helps push the remaining moisture towards the front of the mask instead of the eyes.

2 Cubiertas faciales plisadas de seda pura para adultos Cortesía de Nordstrom

You believe it or not, silk can be one of the best materials for masks for those who wear glasses, since it can repel the condensation better than other materials.A study published in PLOS One found that "

las cubiertas faciales de seda repelían las gotas en las pruebas de rociado, así como las mascarillas quirúrgicas desechables de un solo uso", según los investigadores. El artículo añade que las máscaras de seda "pueden ser más transpirables" que las opciones como el algodón, todas ellas trabajando para reducir la posibilidad de que la condensación termine en los lentes.3 Máscara de Contorno para Adultos con Bolsillo de Filtro (Paquete de 3) Cortesía de GAP Definitivamente

There is a design feature in the gap cotton mask that leans up to cover the bridge of its nose.But unlike other masks with this characteristic, the rest of the upper part of the mask does not incline under its cheekbones.

4 X-Temp™ Máscaras faciales, paquete de 10 cortesía de Hanes

Hanes's anti -humery mask has elastic cotton bands and an adjustable nose clip, but its cotton mixture interior helps to better eliminate trapped humidity better.This mask is made with the moisture absorption tissue Comfort ™ of the brand, and its flat front facilitates that the glasses are kept away from hot breath.

5 Máscara deportiva de UA Cortesía de Under Armour

One of our best choices in the fitness category and lightweight, the AEA mask of UA does a great job by redirecting moisture towards its polyurethane layers inside the masks.The mask design lifts it naturally from your mouth and nose, helping to ensure that moisture is not immediately trapped.

6 Mascarilla lavable Cortesía de Etsy

The added nasal bridge (and the chin strap!) In this ETSY option, the best selling, it is good to create a practical stamp when you wear a couple of glasses.Its price means that you can rotate for them during the week.

7 Máscara facial de triple pliegue - Paquete de 2 cortesía de Huckberry

Another intelligent use of a chin fold and a flap of the upper mask, which is also equipped with an adjustable nose clip.Huckberry mask also works to sit

y alejarse de la boca, lo que ayuda a evitar que la máscara se empape de humedad durante el día.8 VTER Máscara respiratoria facial de algodón , cortesía de Uniqlo Después de haber

been continuously redesigned taking into account the opinion of the customers, the Uniqlo team has launched its updated version of its characteristic mask in three different sizes for a perfect adjustment.There are three levels of fabrics and a filter at the front of the mask, all made of the brand Airism fabric, which absorbs moisture and prevents the breath from sticking around the nose and mouth.

9 M1 Mascarilla facial antimicrobiana para todo el día (paquete de 5) Cortesía de Buck Mason

If it is difficult for you.Buck Mason's pima cotton mask is comfortably placed under the cheekbones and keeps hot breath at bay.

10 Paquetes de tres máscaras faciales cortesía de Madewell

If you have a smaller head, critics say that Madewell's compact design cotton mask adapts perfectly to your face after your first washing.Their three layers of protection (and an additional filter pocket) do a solid work of staying dry during the day, and those with smaller lenses will notice that the nose coverage feature here helps keep their glasses.

11 Máscara facial de algodón plisado (paquete de 5) Cortesía de Lucky Brand

Since it is pleated, this tie equipped with a tie can spread over the whole chin and just below the eyes to ensure total coverage.Using a couple of glasses on this mask is easy thanks to total coverage throughout the face.

12 Máscara de Centinela Cortesía de Rendall Co.

The sentinel mask, a lighter option for warmer climates, is designed to firmly adjust to a series of chin and faces, even if most masks are too tight in the mouth.The cotton and linen mixture minimizes the capture of hot breath, and a flexible copper clip for the nose can ensure that moisture remains firmly under its glasses.

13 Mascarillas diarias no médicas 5 Paquete cortesía de Athleta ¿Y a es sensible

at the pressure their ears feel when wearing glasses?This breathable mask comes with an ear support strap that relieves tension while maintaining a firm adjustment against your nose and mouth.The inside mesh inner lining is also equipped with filter pockets for additional protection.

14 KN95 Máscara facial desechable Cortesía de Public Goods

N95 masks are reserved for essential workers, but this single -use mask is built similar to the conical shape of the respirator.It is equipped with a hermetic imitative clip that prevents moisture from escaping up and out.

15 Máscara facial para gafas Cortesía de Etsy

Another of ETSY's best -selling options with more than 100 criticism of 5 stars of buyers with bifocales, this mask is cut extremely generously to support the total coverage.Met it firmly under the chin and firmly through the nose bridge and under the basins of the eyes with the help of its adjustable copper clip.

16 Máscara facial anti-vaho para gafas con filtro Cortesía de Etsy Equip ada

With a pocket for an additional carbon filter, this Etsy mask, of great sale and of great quality, has a very high profile: it can be carried just below the eyelids.In doing so, you can facilitate the use of the embedded nasal clamp and the weight of its lenses to create a firm seal, pushing the humid air to another part.

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