Thermal underwear (for extreme cold) can be stylish

Thermal underwear (for extreme cold) can be stylish
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Charlie @charliemasdeu

An excursion to the mountains (snowfall), days of frost in the city or a trip to Lapia -the situations are so varied that we could be naming them all day -there are moments where the cold is so extreme that we suffer from our own health.Here is where thermal underwear comes into action, showing us that style can be waste while we warm without frozen on the way.

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Thermal underwear can dress during the day

There is a stigma within the world of thermal clothing and the truth is that this can be stylish and accompany you during the day to day while style.Signatures like Uniqlo have helped that to happen and their latest collection with Alexander Wang is the best example.Long -sleeved bodies in neon or neutral tones (such as nude), fine leggings and technicians to carry under the jeans or turn them into the perfect models to go to the Gym, basic shirts to be part of the closet fund...A basic collection but with more exit than we can think at first sight.

La colección de Alexander Wang x Uniqlo mezcla tendencia, diseño y tejidos aptos para frío extremo

La ropa interior térmica (para frío extremo) puede ser estilosa

But it is not the only firm that fuses this type of luxury label, as brands such as Falke Ergonomic Sport System or Erin Snow have endless basic designs where the best fabrics take control of the situation.Although not everything is luxury: it can be warm with simple and effective designs for less than 20 euros.

The firm (retro) that has become viral on Instagram

We already announced it a few weeks ago: a star (signature) was born to go to snow and instagrammers have been responsible for viralizing it in recent weeks.We talk about Perfect Moments and its Retro designs where a printed Merino wool monkey serves to heat up under the clothes (although the most daring use it as the main garment).

There are specialized firms that will help you pass low (and extreme) temperatures

Photos |Instagram @laurengores, @nat.Cebrian

Women's thermal clothing has a t -shirt/pants -Brushed Back Fabric Technique- L17

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