Everything you need to know about female fertility and male!

Everything you need to know about female fertility and male!

two.Spain is the European country where more assisted reproduction treatments are carried out.

Real. Según los últimos datos disponibles (two014), se realizaron 109.two75 ciclos de tratamiento en el país, por delante de Rusia (94.985) and France (90.434), que hasta two013 estaba en cabeza.Carlos Calahaz-Jorge, president of the Europe of Human Reproduction and Embryology (Eshre), explains that one of the reasons for Spanish leadership is that the legislation allows the donation of ovules, a technique that, apart from inCzech Republic, has restrictions in other countries."Everyone sends their patients to Spain," says the doctor.

3.The most effective assisted reproduction technique is ovules donation.

Todo lo que necesitas saber sobre la fertilidad femenina ¡Y masculina!

Real.According to ESHRE, the technique with the highest success rate is the ovules donation, which come from women under 30 years of age who are compensated economically because extraction requires an intervention, and has a 50% efficacy against whichLess, intrauterine insemination, in which semen, after a treatment in the laboratory, is introduced into the uterus during the woman's ovulation phase, and which translates to 11.8%.

4.- Stay lying with your legs high after intercourse favors pregnancy.

Controversial.“Today, says Marian Chávez Guardado Medical Director of Amnios Invitro Project, there is no scientific guarantee that ratifies that there are certain positions that facilitate fertilization to women who adopt this position;However, some, such as the gynecologist Rosselló Gayá believes that "although it has not been able to scientifically demonstrate that these measures can be beneficial, to be lying will lead to rest and postcoital calm".15 minutes that are not very useful to facilitate the trip of the sperm towards the fallopian tubes to meet the ovule, but to enjoy a while of pleasure and well -being, which is very rewarding to relax.

5.- It is impossible to get pregnant with the rule.

Fake. En ciclos normales, de entre two6 y 31 días, es improbable que esto suceda, pero en ciclos más cortos, de menos de two6 días, y en mujeres con ciclos irregulares sí puede producirse el embarazo.You also have to keep in mind that not all bleeding are really rules.“For example, sometimes they occur bleeding with ovulation by a decrease in estrogen levels during the same.In addition, the half -life of the sperm is variable, ”says Dr. Santillán, Ava fertility expert gynecologist

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