Freudenberg revolutionizes materials science with new simulation

Freudenberg revolutionizes materials science with new simulation

The "Atomistic Simulations" project was presented at the Freudenberg Innovation Award ceremony. Freudenberg's global technology group established a new process that can be used primarily to understand and optimize friction in materials, lubricants, and seals.

"Atomistic Simulations" involve computer methods to describe the motion and interactions of molecules and atoms, allowing the analysis of pairs of materials that are particularly suitable for specific applications. This knowledge can be used in the design of energy-saving products for industrial applications, ensuring higher levels of efficiency while friction, wear and maintenance costs remain at a minimum.

The team of developers and technicians from Freudenberg's Technology Innovation, Sealing Technologies, EagleBurgmann and Klüber Lubrication business areas demonstrate for the first time how effective this approach can be. The Fraunhofer Institute for Mechanics of Materials in Freiburg, Germany, also played a vital role. The result was a fast and functional solution for a Canadian power plant operator.


Freudenberg revolutionizes materials science with new simulation

In addition to the innovation of "Atomistic Simulations", four other finalist projects were presented at the Freudenberg Innovation Award ceremony, illustrating the strength with which the company conducts research for improvements for the benefit of its clients. Projects included a modular catheter concept, a high-tech clothing material, a highly corrosion-resistant eco-friendly coating, as well as industrial process improvements for sealing fuel cells. Within the company, this award is Freudenberg's most important as it honors the most outstanding achievements in innovation, developed by employees.

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"Today's technological change is far-reaching, especially in terms of digitization, mobility and sustainability," said Dr. Tilman Krauch, Freudenberg Group's Chief Innovation Officer. "Having an even deeper understanding of complex technology interdependencies is becoming increasingly important. It's a challenge we're happy to take on."

In 2018 Freudenberg invested around 444 million euros in research and development activities, more than 17 million euros more than the previous year. Around 3,590 employees work in this area in the world.

"Our innovation strength helps create added value for our customers and society," said Dr. Mohsen Sohi, CEO of the Freudenberg Group. "We work together as a team to promote excellence, efficiency and sustainability, as well as further the success of our company."

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