How much does it care to complete a space trip?|Digital Trends Spanish

How much does it care to complete a space trip?|Digital Trends Spanish
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Despite its impact on the health of the planet, space tourism is underway.And although some years are missing for any mortal.If you want to know the amount of hours, days or months that would take to reach your destination, we tell you how much time it takes to complete a space trip with the technology available today.


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How long does it take to get to space

The first stumbling block is –Logically - reach "exterior space".Although there are discrepancies about what space trips are, the consensus is that the space is reached after the karm line, an imaginary limit located 100 kilometers (62 miles) above sea level.

Although it will depend on the ship in which you move and the speed that reaches, reaching this area should not take more than a couple of minutes.

For example, New Shepard's first tourist flight from Blue Origin took three minutes and 25 minutes to reach the Karman line and just over four minutes to reach 107 kilometers (66 miles) high, before starting itsreturn to earth.

NASA's transforders - which have been removed - took two minutes and 30 seconds to reach this limit, while the Falcon Heavy rocket of Spacex made in three minutes and 24 seconds.

How long does it take to get to the International Space Station

The International Space Station (EEI) is at a distance that varies between 400 kilometers and 420 kilometers above sea level (259 and 261 miles).

Unlike suborbital flights such as those that only exceed the Kárman line, the total flight time does not depend so much on the distance, but on the route of the ship to reach the appropriate position and orbit to attach to the US.

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The first mission in history began on October 31, 2000.The Russian Soyuz TM-31.

Since then, space agencies behind the US project, as well as private companies such as Spacex - which provides services to NASA - have perfected trips to make them more efficient.

In this way, in October 2020 the Soyuz MS-17 Russian probe was coupled in the US after three hours and three minutes of flight when using a scheme of only two orbits around the earth and not six hours, as it had been in the last years.

How long does it take to get to the moon

Estimate total flight time from Earth to the Moon is even more complex.Not only will it depend on the journey used to reach the natural satellite, but on the speed of take -off and the distance that separates both bodies at the time of the launch.

Apollo 11, the first manned mission to the Moon of July 1969, took just over three days (76 hours) to travel the 386,000 kilometers that separated the Earth from the Moon at the time of the launch.For the return, meanwhile, it only took 62 hours.

According to NASA, rockets should take between 2.5 to 4 days to reach the moon thanks to current propulsion systems.

Anyway, everything will depend on the distance between the two bodies - which varies 363,300 and 405,500 kilometers - and the initial launch speed.

How long it takes to get to Mars

Like trips to the moon, the time of a flight to Mars depends on factors such as the total distance between both planets at the time of takeoff, the propulsion technology of the ship and the flight speed, among other factors.

With current technology, flights to Mars take between six and nine months.For example, the American Nave Viking 1 - the first to land successfully - took off from the Earth on August 20, 1975 and its arrival to the red planet occurred after 304 days.

Of the most recent missions, all launched in February 2020, the Emiratí Hope probe arrived after 207 flight days, while the Tianwen-1 (China) and Mars 2020 (United States) missions completed the journey after 203 days.

However, unlike the most "close" destinations to Earth, trips to Mars add up to the complexity of the "launch windows", as is called the moment when the orbits of both planets are correctly aligned.

But if the idea is to make a trip and return, according to NASA you will need to stay between three to four months on the red planet before embarking on the flight back to earth for another nine months, so that the total route would take notless than 21 months.

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