How to choose children's underwear

How to choose children's underwear

The best for your skin Cómo elegir la ropa interior de los niños Cómo elegir la ropa interior de los niños

We share with you a decalogue of tips so that you do not leave any detail out of the equation when it comes to renewing your children's underwear drawer.

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Choosing underpants or panties for your children is not just an aesthetic issue. Choosing between Disney models, fun drawings or bright colors could be done by them without the need for the opinion of adults to matter, but it is not, and this list of tips that we share with you below explains why:

let them participate

cInvolve them: when you buy clothes for them, let them participate in the process. Take them with you and give them options to choose from. Logically, you must first limit the options by aesthetic, functional and economic criteria, but it is good that they can have the last word. It helps them to use it later and, above all, it is a small life lesson.

the seams

Be very careful with the ends of underwear, especially if your son or daughter has sensitive skin, because they can be too tight and bothersome after several hours with underwear on. A very interesting alternative are the designs topped with elastic bands, which fit well and are not so tight.

Easy to put on and take off

It is not that they wear wide underwear but it is that they do not fit so much that it is impossible for them, little by little, to learn to lower it and raise it. It is important when they are starting to go to the bathroom on their own, something that can happen even from the age of four in the most autonomous children -they want to do it, and it is convenient to give them a margin if that is the case, even if we later help them to clean themselves, for example-.

quality raw material

Not only because they will be more resistant and durable, an important factor considering the intense use that underwear is given, but it will also protect the skin of your little one. The underwear is constantly rubbing against your skin, and above all in a delicate and not at all ventilated area, so it is convenient to bet on quality rather than quantity. That the seams do not show and that they are made of quality cotton are details that matter.

The tags

This matter is not serious to choose or not the underwear because they can be cut, but it will never be the same as if it already comes from the factory with the washing information printed instead of labeled.

Let the size be yours

This advice is valid for all children's clothing and footwear, since many parents continue to renew their children's wardrobe with sizes that are too big for them "so that they last longer" and the truth is that it is a mistake that can cost them some trouble: in the feet, for example, blisters, and in the underwear, which moves so much that it does not protect his genitals as it should.

The time of year matters

If it's winter, in the case of children, long boxer shorts can be an extra layer to combat the cold, especially if they spend time outdoors -recreation, park, training, etc.-. On the other hand, in summer, cotton slip-type designs will always be cooler, so the moment of use matters. You can have both designs and thus play with them.

The body of the little one matters

In girls it does not influence so much because most of the underwear is panties, more or less high, but it does not happen as in boys, who can wear briefs or boxers. Well, to choose between one type of underpants and another, in addition to the time of year, the child's physiognomy can also influence. Listen carefully to what sensations he has with both types when he wears them and ask him about it: he may not like the briefs because they tend to ride up his buttocks or the boxers may rub a lot in the crotch, for example. Try and adjust the best option also taking into account their opinion.

The lace

In girls, there are designs with lace on the edges that can be very cute aesthetically but you must prioritize the functional and it is better to avoid them so that they do not cause itching.

The colors

Cómo elegir la ropa interior de los niños

This factor is not decisive because the little ones rarely wear very light pants or skirts, but it does not hurt to have a classic design in white in the underwear drawer for when this happens. The normal thing when we are adults is to have them, but with the little ones we tend to bet on bright colors, hence it is worth reminding you of this detail.

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