"I didn't realize he was abusing me": testimonials from the soccer players complaining about a sports kinesiologist

"I didn't realize he was abusing me": testimonials from the soccer players complaining about a sports kinesiologist

After learning of the complaint of seven soccer players against the sports kinesiologist Ignacio Montano, whom they accuse of different episodes of sexual abuse, in Meganoticias we review the main testimonies of the victims.

The subject carried out the acts, taking advantage of the fact that he was part of the well-known Palestinian national soccer sports club, from where he was fired after learning of the accusations.

The stories

Natalia, one of the victims, gave her version to Meganoticias, stating that "I felt stupid, he failed me in every way, I didn't realize he was abusing me, that He was playing with me, I didn't realize it in time."

In this line, he added that "Palestinian is a big club, in futsal, in soccer, which gives professionalism to its players, so I never imagined that they would have problems like this."

Regarding the sessions with Montano, Natalia explained that "it was always the same, I had to be in panties and a bra for the entire session. And then he always insisted that I had to do the exercises standing up without the overalls. I never agreed because it was super uncomfortable for me."

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Supposed Pubalgia

"We were treating the same thing, which was an alleged pubalgia that he had told me he had. Almost all the sessions were with gloves, one was not, and it was very uncomfortable, I was really inside , but he did explain to me, he told me that this was a study that he had been doing for a long time," he said.

Finally, he recounted the sixth session with the subject, where things became more dangerous. "That day, I was going to get into the tub with ice, he told me to take off my underwear, that I was going to get into the tub only in overalls," he said.

"It was disgusting"

In response to this, Natalia refused, which resulted in the defendant losing patience and insisting."There he grabbed my face, he tried to kiss me, he struggled, it was horrible, it was uncomfortable, it was disgusting, It was very uncomfortable," the victim told Meganoticias.

After consulting with another kinesiologist, he confirmed the woman's suspicions. Montano's treatment did not exist and Natalia did not even have groin pain.

"I didn't know who to tell"

"I was in really bad psychological condition, it affected me a lot, my mind was always thinking that everything they had done to me was a lie, that they touched me for a lie, And I didn't know who to tell, who to take refuge with, I kept it to myself for a long time," said Natalia.

In this line, she adds that "it made me angry, I was ashamed, because I felt foolish, until today, for not having realized, if it was obvious and one sometimes confident, because of the dreams, because In the end, when women go through these things, we spend a lot of time later wondering who to trust, whether they are lying to me or not, very scared. I betrayed myself, because I didn't realize it, and I feel strong and like that tore me apart."

Denisse's case

Another of the complainants is Denisse Silva, who pointed out that she met Ignacio Montano through Instagram, and that he offered her free sessions in exchange for publicity. She also conducted the sessions in her apartment. First, the subject asked him to remove his clothes, under the pretext of conducting a physical evaluation.

"I told him how strange, a kinesiologist has never asked me to stay in my underwear to do a physical evaluation, and he told me that he had to take a photo of me, where my body was shown, to show my before and then, and he said, 'look at these changes I've already made' and he showed me pictures of girls from the neck down, all the girls in their underwear," she added.

Abuse during massages

After the alleged physical evaluation, Montano gave her a massage session, in which Denisse was also abused.

"When it started on the back, it began to go down towards the buttocks and began to grab them with both hands while I was lying on my back, I really couldn't say 'stop', I don't know, my voice didn't come out, I couldn't He went to drop me off at the Metro, and I said 'no, this guy, there's something weird'". she explained herself.

Funa and dismissal

Months later, she ran into the funa against the kinesiologist on social media, where other soccer players recounted their experiences.

After the players' complaint, the Palestinian sports club announced the immediate dismissal of Ignacio Montano from his squad.

Formal complaint

There are 7 victims who approached the Public Ministry to file the pertinent complaint, some of them minors.

They all report similar situations: sessions in their underwear, non-existent diagnoses of groin pain under the pretext of touching their genitals.

The Chief Prosecutor for Sexual Offenses, South Prosecutor's Office, Yazmin Salech, points out that "in this case, a series of procedures have been carried out together with the victims in order to be able to make the pertinent procedural decisions." In addition, the subject is being investigated for harassment.

For her part, the Minister of Sports, Cecilia Pérez, indicated that "it is an obligation for all sports organizations to adopt this protocol that obeys a need for sport to be a safe activity."

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