José Antonio León and Alexia Rivas explode Twitter: "Machista and disgusting!"

José Antonio León and Alexia Rivas explode Twitter: "Machista and disgusting!"

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The enmity between José Antonio León and Alexia Rivas has been more than demonstrated with the anger they have starred in Twitter



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No one could have imagined that Cynthia Martínez, the former reconcursor of ‘Secret Story’, would end up being the trigger for an accusations crossing that has ended in a total blockade.José Antonio León, a ‘Save Me’ reporter, and Alexia Rivas, a collaborator of ‘is already noon’, they have made it clear that theirs does not have a good end after starring a spectacular anger on Twitter."Machista and disgusting," the collaborator launched the reporter.But what happened?

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José Antonio León y Alexia Rivas hacen estallar twitter:

"Cynthia gives me little thing.I don't take it seriously or the pointer ... ".Alexia Rivas expressed his opinion on the former reconcursor of ‘Secret Story’ on her Twitter account and received a response from José Antonio León that unleashed a crossroads of accusations between them.A "you already have something in common" of the reporter made the former survivor outline."Dear José Antonio León.(Is it called No?) You did not say the same when a couple of years ago you wrote to me to see us in Ibiza because we both (according to you) were handsome and single.Oh...How bad it is wanting to get on all cars publicly, ”Rivas wrote.

Then, it was the reporter who responded to these insinuations.“What I join the car is of the good work of journalism and the non -brotter attack attack on Cynthia but of course Alexia, you are called?that of going out in panties is like not ".The tension reached a point where it was clear that the positions between them are irreconcilable.What happened to get here?

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After mentioning the well -known episode that starred Alexia Rivas and that went viral worldwide, is counterattacked.“I like wearing underwear and others like you prefer (hey, in this I support you) to show off‘ pelendengues ’as God brought you to the world.Of course, you will be with men.Your speech with women is macho and disgusting ".Then, the reporter confirmed that León had blocked her in this social network.

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