Intimate hygiene: errors that you may be committing, and you don't know!

Intimate hygiene: errors that you may be committing, and you don't know!
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En cuanto a higiene íntima, tienes que ser muy cuidadosa, ya que es una zona muy vulnerable de tu cuerpo. ¡Cuidado con estos detalles!

Por Elsa LópezHigiene íntima: errores que quizás estés cometiendo, ¡y no lo sabes! Higiene íntima: errores que quizás estés cometiendo, ¡y no lo sabes!

In health issues, intimate hygiene should undoubtedly be one of your priorities.And while it is not something that is neglected on purpose, there are some details that can then be overlooked, although if it happens very often, that can become infections.That is why it is very important that you are careful!We tell you some mistakes that we often make and do not realize (although it is never too late to, now, look good and be careful).

After bathing, don't dried perfectly

Suppose you slept a few more minutes, and now it's late for work.You go to take a bath, dried in a minutes, you dress and go running.All normal, right?In this case, if you did not take the time to dry your intimate area, you could be at risk that moisture will give rise to an infection.That is why it is important that you dry well with a towel, and even say the doctors that you use dryer if necessary.Do not underestimate this point, since moisture can lead to fungi (candidiasis).

You shave absolutely everything

One of the rules of society that should really die completely is that women should not have body hair.As a woman, you have the right to decide what you want to do with your body, and if you want to shave or let it grow, do it!But as for the hair of the pubic area you should be careful, since, in fact, the purpose of its existence is to protect that area."Imagine that it is a protective pillow.Public hair provides a protective barrier for our body ", according to Dr. Jessica Shepherd, gynecologist and gynecological surgeon of the Medical Center of the University of Baylor in Dallas."It helps prevent unwanted bacteria and pathogens from entering the vaginal area.This can help avoid contracting yeast infections, vaginitis and uti, "says the doctor for the Health site.com.Maybe cutting a little is good, but perhaps to shave you completely it is not as a good idea as you think.

Do you use vaginal showers?Stop it!

There is a big difference between using shampoos for the intimate area, which are only used on the outside, and using vaginal showers, which can cause more damage than benefits.These products promise to "clean" your internal vaginal area, however in your body - that miracle of nature - there are already positive bacteria that are responsible for that, and you do not need to alter your body in that sense for any reason.And for example, if you have an infection on the outside, and use a vaginal shower, you can take those bacteria inside and worsen everything.In a nutshell, let your body do the job, and do nothing.

You wear very tight underwear

Higiene íntima: errores que quizás estés cometiendo, ¡y no lo sabes!

The first golden rule to have proper intimate health is not to wear very tight underwear, and in any case, use that it is cotton so that your body can breathe and do not keep moisture.And one of the advice that gynecologists always give?When you go to sleep, put pajamas without underwear, that will make your body breathe better and the area is fresh.

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During menstruation, you do not change the towel constantly

During your period, you have to be very attentive and change your towel constantly, especially during the first days.Fact: menstrual blood does not smell, but as soon as they come into contact with the towel and the air, it is when it obtains that characteristic ferrous smell, and the bacteria also arrive, so you must change it Asap.If you use menstrual cup, you will realize that it does not have a smell, and you can empty it every eight hours.And yes: before and after using it during your period, you must sterilize it, putting it in boiling water for five minutes (and try not to touch the surface of the pot or wherever the water grades, to prevent the cup from burning).

After having sex, get dump or clean your intimate area

It is important that you have your own hygiene ritual after having sex.We know, maybe it doesn't sound so romantic with your partner, but it does sound like self -care, and that should be your priority.** Wask or Báñate, and try to go to the bathroom immediately later to avoid a vaginal infection.**

Clean your sex toys well

If you use sex toys, all fun entails great responsibility: Wash all your toys well!In the sex shops there are special soaps for each type of toy, especially those that are of surgical silicone, so do not wash them with industrial soap, and a better question for the one that does better to your toy.

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