Men's swimsuits 2021: these are the swimsuits that the most stylish men of summer will wear

Men's swimsuits 2021: these are the swimsuits that the most stylish men of summer will wear

SwimsuitsIn the last decade, swimsuits have gone from the surfer length to the nautical bottom, going through the standard mid-thigh length and those with a retro cut. What will be the 2021 men's swimsuits?

By F. Javier Girela

When it comes to men's swimsuits, there is a lot of cloth to cut. Whoopi Goldberg said that “a perfect summer is one in which I allow myself to do everything that, out of decorum, I would not do during the rest of the year”, and she was right. As soon as the temperatures rise, the number of layers of clothing is reduced, the garments shrink to cope with the heat and relaxation arrives, both in the forms and in the wardrobe. In a work context, we cut ourselves a little more when selecting clothes to maintain composure, but as soon as the holidays arrive, people do not take the same care when it comes to dressing. Just take a look around you to realize it. Be careful, it is not a question of wearing the same clothes in the office as on the weekend, that would be crazy, but of paying attention and care whenever we get dressed, not only when we know that we are going to be "reviewed".

One of the most controversial meeting points in this sense is possibly the beach or the pool (or any pond in which to dip our feet), since it all comes down to the swimsuit.

Bañadores de hombre 2021: así son los trajes de baño que llevarán los hombres con más estilo del verano

In the last decade, men's swim trunks have gone from boarder length (the one that falls below the knee) to cheeky boater shorts, through standard mid-thigh lengths to slightly shorter retro cuts. The question is: which ones will we meet this year? If we look at the international catwalks, we will find two types of men's swimwear this spring / summer 2021.

Por un lado, regresaremos al largo estándar de los trajes de baño, esos que cubren hasta mitad el muslo. Los hemos visto desfilar en Celine o Dolce & Gabbana, por mencionar algunos; y además son el best seller de firmas como la deseada Patagonia, la mítica Orlebar Brown o el nuevo niño mimado de la moda, Ché Studios.

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Por otro lado, triunfa el que muchos consideraban el traje de baño improbable, la braga náutica o el Speedo, como la marca que lo popularizó. Este bañador se ha convertido en una de las opciones favoritas de los últimos años y continúa paseándose por las pasarelas, como la de Jacquemus , Dsquared2 o D&G.

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How are these swimsuits combined in 2021? If you choose the first ones, the mid-thigh ones, you can mix them with knitted polo shirts in the Mr. Ripley style, with the linen shirts worn by the most elegant men every summer or with the trending shirts of the season, those for fluid fabrics and Cuban collar. If you decide on the latter, you can play to make a combo of patterns, choosing the same top and bottom, as they do in Stella McCartney, Casablanca or MSGM.

If you prefer the Speedo, just add some shorts on top. Remember that those who succeed this summer 2021 are either very short in a retro style or very long, falling to the knee or beyond. The final choice is up to you.

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