Tips for shaving the entry of the anus and maintaining your hygiene |Health180

Tips for shaving the entry of the anus and maintaining your hygiene |Health180

There is little talk about it, the cause? Maybe taboo or shame.However, for many women and men it is important to know how to shave the anus or its entrance and have good hygiene in this area ...

For this reason we provide some tips on the subject:

Preferably use a soft soap;To do this you can use a cotton ball impregnated with water.To dry use toilet paper or use your hair dryer at a low temperature, describe Mayo Clinic.

Consejos para depilar la entrada del ano y mantener su higiene | Salud180

To eliminate the hair of the entrance from the anus without the risk of infections you can opt for the following:

What you need

Hot water

Neutral soap

Portable mirror

Sharp scissors

Waxes without heat

Cotton balls

Hair removal/ aloe vera

  1. Lava bien la zona. Una vez hecho, coloca el espejo en el suelo, y ponte en cuclillas sobre él (esto te permitirá tener una visión clara dela zona).
  2. Recorta el vello a un 1/3 de su tamaño (la depilación es más eficaz).
  3. Con una mano (izquierda o derecha, con la que estés más cómoda), estira la piel del ano y extiende la cera fría con el aplicador, posteriormente coloca la tela espera algunos minutos y jala.
  4. No apliques cera sobre la misma área.
  5. Quita la cera restante empapando un algodón con aceite de bebé y limpiando la piel.
  6. Enjuaga con agua y a plica un poco de aloe vera.

It will help you maintain the dry area.Avoid using socks and other hermetic adjustment garments because they can catch moisture.

Finally avoid irritating such as bubble baths, deodorant, scented soaps, wet wipes.It also reduces coffee intake, chocolates, alcohol and citrus.

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