Vulvovaginitis, one of the most common infections in women

Vulvovaginitis, one of the most common infections in women

We talked to a specialist about vulvovaginitis, a topic that touches many women closely but is rarely talked about. We explain more about this topic.

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Vulvovaginitis is inflammation or infection of the genital area. It is one of the most frequent conditions in women that commonly occurs in reproductive age.

We consulted the obstetrician and gynecologist Andrea Belén Font (MP 11599) from Mátrika Embarazo y Crianza about vulvovaginitis and she told us that “women under normal conditions have factors that protect them, such as skin, hair, the PH of the vagina or germs that coexist in that area and have beneficial aspects”.

If these care barriers fall, they can generate a disproportionate increase in those germs and turn into fungi or bacteria that will bother you, either by discharge with a different smell and color, itching or itching.

These fungi or bacteria can also be transmitted sexually according to what Font tells us, but they are usually caused by different factors that we commit in everyday life, such as:

Vulvovaginitis, una de las infecciones más comunes en las mujeres

There are two types of vaginitis: bacterial and yeast infection. How do you know if you have either? In bacterial, the flow is white or gray and has a different and strong odor than usual, especially after sexual intercourse.

Yeast infection produces a thick, white discharge. In general, it does not contain an odor but it does have itching and redness in the vulva and vagina.

But what the specialist says is that at the first symptom you see that it could be vulvovaginitis, consult your gynecologist. She/he will know if we are facing an infection and will help you get special treatment.

Font points out that you should not self-medicate or try a remedy without the supervision of an expert in the field, since these over-the-counter pills are usually used and the condition does not heal, but rather recurs over time.


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