How often should household clothes be washed? (or run these risks)

 How often should household clothes be washed?  (or run these risks)

Bacteria, germs, dead cells... We don't see them at home with the naked eye and, perhaps for that reason -and because of the hectic pace of life today- we relax. But they can be there. In household linen, such as sheets, towels, rugs or kitchen towels, on fabrics. Hence the importance of washing these textiles with a certain frequency, which will depend on the use we give them and the place where they are located. However, there are doubts about it. The million dollar question remains on the table: how often should they be washed?

Extreme hygiene of these textiles is important since not doing so can lead to the development of health problems. The objective is to avoid the accumulation of microorganisms that can make the home a breeding ground for bacteria and mites. According to the Spanish start-up of international laundry franchises Mr Jeff, half of Spaniards say they do this task once a week, while 7% do it once a month and more than 15% admitted that they only wash these textiles every two months or more. But what is the correct frequency?

According to experts such as the director of clinical microbiology at the Langone Medical Center in New York, Philip M. Tierno, at a minimum, household linen such as sheets and towels should be washed once a week, although this frequency should be greater in the case of of being sick, sleeping without clothes or if the temperatures are very high. In fact, not doing it frequently can promote the accumulation of some microorganisms that can affect our health, they warn.

But not only sheets and towels can be the focus of viruses and bacteria. Other textiles that we use daily at home also get dirty and can affect our health. These are the recommendations of the experts on how to sanitize them:

Sheets and towels

Residues left on bedding can cause allergic reactions, skin irritations, or infections. For this reason, at least - like towels - they should be washed once a week, unless you are sick, sleep without clothes or temperatures are very high. In these cases the frequency should be shortened. As for hand towels, whose use is much greater, it would be convenient to change them every two or three days. It is advisable to wash them at high temperatures and dry them in the sun, for greater hygiene.


The curtains accumulate dust and are in contact with microorganisms that fly around the house and outside, so it is advisable to do a deep cleaning at least twice a year. If we shake or vacuum them frequently, we can extend the frequency of washing a little more.

kitchen rags

Kitchen rags are among the most exposed to microorganisms because they come into contact with raw food. Although the material from which they are made facilitates quick drying, making them less likely to harbor germs, experts recommend changing them at least once a week and giving them a disinfectant solution after each use.

bath mats

It is recommended to wash the bath mat every week or fortnight so that too much moisture does not accumulate, which would cause the appearance of fungi.


Quilts, sofa cushions or other fillings are usually washed every six months, that is, a couple of times a year or coinciding with summer and winter wardrobe changes.


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