Dress for the office with this fresh summer clothes

Dress for the office with this fresh summer clothes

Dressing to go to the office in summer can be a bass.The temperature difference between the interior and the outside must be taken into account.It is important at the same time choosing garments that are fresh and comfortable without losing elegance and professionalism.To do this, the key is in fabrics and cuts.

Select light garments will be our main objective.This is achieved by choosing natural fabrics such as linen and cotton, and giving preference to loose falls and wide cuts that allow the skin to breathe.Clear colors will also help us to create a general sensation of freshness, also preventing the absorption of solar rays on the round trip journey.

For those heat days that we have left before the arrival of the holidays, nothing is more important than being comfortable.A good outfit has the ability to improve our mood and our trust.Therefore, from the vanguard's buyer we propose these options for you to reach the office without a drop of sweat.Take advantage of the discounts and get that garment you were looking for on Amazon.

Grace Karin - Sleeveless Dress

A dress with a chipped skirt is an excellent option for this time of the year.In this case, belt design provides a professional touch that can be combined with different footwear and accessories.

This cotton dress is totally fresh and versatile.His classic cut makes it perfect for every occasion and the floral picture is very feminine and delicate.You can wear it with heels, or with low sandals and a denim jacket.

The dress is available in various sizes, prints and colors.

compra en amazon por 26,99 €

Save 26%

Columbia Triple Canyon Short manga shirt

Vístete para la oficina con esta ropa fresca de verano

This short-sleeved shirt has an OMNI-Shad UPF 30.

The Columbia brand is recognized for its functional, resistant and durable garments.This shirt meets all these conditions and keeps an urban style at the same time that is suitable for the office and for different occasions of day to day in summer.

It is a very practical model that, thanks to its elastane fabric, does not wrinkle, which facilitates maintenance by not requiring ironing.

compra en amazon por 47,83 €

Miami Loose office suit pants

Wide and loose fall pants can be excellent allies when fighting heat and dressing properly for work.This polyester model is light and fresh.The cut is loose but straight, which gives it a professional and serious touch.

You can wear these pants with a white shirt and shoes, or with a t -shirt and wedge espadrilles for a more informal look.It is a style that feels good to everyone and can be adapted to all types of outfits.

These pants are available in various colors.

compra en amazon por 29,98 €

Save up to 44%

Find.Lino Blazer

A flax blazer will provide texture and dimension to your outfit without being too heavy or hot.It is the garment that you will want to take to the office all summer, since it can be easily combined and it is very fresh.

You can wear this American with jeans and a short sleeve shirt to go to work, or with classic tweezers, or combine it with bermuda and a t -shirt for a weekend look.

Lino is a very comfortable and fresh natural fabric of halftime.It gives you a classic style that you can take for years.

Blazer is available in 3 colors.

compra en amazon desde 34,68 €

Save 62%

Tommy Hilfiger Oxford Relaxed Shirt Woman

This cotton shirt is elegant and sophisticated, while keeping the freshness we are looking for in a garment for summer.The loose and wide fall of the sleeves is very comfortable and fits all types of bodies.Mao neck makes it appropriate for the office and fresh, ideal for heat days.

Combine it with Slim cut pants and high sandals, or with a skirt and a shoulder bag for a more feminine look.

This shirt is available in 3 colors.Take advantage of Amazon's offer and now consign her with a great discount.

compra en amazon por 30,50 €

Save 35%

Original Alpha Dockers Khaki Skinny

These cotton and elastane pants comfortably fit the legs and combine with all kinds of shirts.The cut just below the waist it looks good for everyone.

Dockers is a leading brand in Chinese pants and this entertainment model is fresh and fits like a glove.It can be carried with moccasin or canvas shoes for a more informal style.

It's available in various colors.

compra en amazon por 50,99 €

Summer shorts for women

These polyester shorts are a great option if you don't like to wear skirts or dresses, but you want something short.They are very easy to combine and their loose straight leg adjustment will sit well with all types of bodies.

Take them with a dancer type shoes and a stamped blouse, or with high sandals and a shirt.Add a large portfolio leather bag for a professional look.

You can machine them and will dry quickly thanks to their polyester synthetic fabric.They are available in sizes of the XXL.

compra en amazon por 37,62 €

*Updated prices on July 5, 2021

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