I left with each of the zodiac signs and this was what I learned

I left with each of the zodiac signs and this was what I learned

And so, with the spirit of comparing notes, and of course, on Valentine's Day, I have cataloged my experiences in relation to the 12 astrological matches for my solar signs, as described by Goodman.

Taurus, the jovial

A few years ago, an astrologer (not pretty Goodman) told me that I would do well with a taurus.The idea immediately seemed a bit boring.Who wants to go out with someone who has the same irritating complexes that you have?

When I finally met a Taurus man, I did not feel that I would have met my ideal partner exactly.In a way we were similar: he liked pots, yoga, green juice and sitting under trees more than any other man who has known.But in all the other things we were worldwide.

Interestingly, my first date with this Taurus is one of the best of all time.The truth is that it did not start as ‘an appointment’ at all: I was interested in buying ceramics, so he invited me.One thing led to the other and somehow we ended up playing white shot with broken pots and compressed air guns in the back of his study.Then, apparently out of nowhere, he produced came out with a tandem bicycle;‘Wouldn't it be fun to take a walk in Greenpoint in the golden hour?’ He said.Sit at the back of this beautiful bicycle made for two, the wind blowing in my hair, was totally dreamy.We passed through your favorite antique store (of course it had a perfect taste) and then we made a stop to have coffee.I thought for me: Do you really have to finish?

Salí con cada uno de los signos zodiacales y esto fue lo que aprendí

What happened below contradicts everything you have read about the Taurus: in reality, it turned out to be a kind of crazy.However, like most of those who are represented by bulls, it had a sense of sensational humor.Approximately a year after that magical date, he sent me a gift that still makes me smile to this day: a ceramic vessel inspired by the lower part of a man's torso with the words 'owned by Chioma Nnadi' painted in therear.

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