They compare new hooters uniform with underwear

They compare new hooters uniform with underwear

EU.- Hooters is facing harsh criticism from many of its employees after introducing new shorts in the uniform, which some staff members have compared with the "underwear".

The restaurant chain, which is famous for tight uniforms required for employees, known as "Hooters Girls", supposedly announced the new shortest version of the shorts of its uniforms this month this month.

Since the launch of the new shorts, many members of the Hooters staff have resorted to social networks to share their disappointment and concerns for more recent uniforms and some have threatened to resign.

In a Tiktok, shared by a user who uses the name of @ sick.abt.IT, and that has been seen more than new millions of times, an employee held the new top cutting shorts before comparing them with the previous ones, writing: "I love my work, but I do not love wearing underwear to work".

In another shared viral video on the social media platform, a hooters employee, who uses the name of user @GGENGUEN, showed the new design while asking: "What is supposed to enter here?".

Others denounced the double scrato of the restaurant, with an employee, who uses the name of user @ carrlee.J, which also shows the size difference between the new uniform shorts and the previous version, before stating that, when the company hires new staff, "they are told to ensure that our butt is covered, but do they give usthis?".

Comparan nuevo uniforme de hooters con ropa interior

The numerous videos led Tiktok's spectators to agree with concerns in the comments and many said that the shorts could not be considered "short".

"Cortos is a strong word," said one person, while another said: "Those are not shorts, those [are] swimsuit pants".

Users also suggested that employees should be able to reject change, with someone else writing: “When they hired you, you agreed to a certain type of uniform.This is a drastic change and possibly unhealthy, you should be able to reject it ".

According to a publication in Job-Applications.com, the "famous hooters uniform" includes a white sleeve shirt, orange shorts, pantimedias, sneakers, white socks and makeup, while the company also points out that no perforations are allowed, apart from earrings, andTattoos must be covered.

"Some locations require small variations of these rules, such as allowing servers to wear a black sleeveless shirt one day during the week," adds the list.

In a follow -up video by @ sick.abt.IT, it was revealed that complaints may have had an impact, since he said that, after his viral clip on shorts, he was contacted by the CEO of Hooters, who allegedly said that employees could continue using their previous previous uniform.

Concerns about the new restaurant uniforms occur after Hooters also recently faced an adverse reaction for salaries that pays employees, which is reported is less than five dollars a time in some places.

In a video up to Tiktok last month for a Hooters waitress known as Rose, she asked for an eight -dollar salary per hour, with a mandatory part of tips, considering that her employer earned 500 million dollars last year.

The Independent has contacted Hooters to receive comments.

Taken from Yahoo News.

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