6 tips to protect yourself from the cold on the street recommended by experts

6 tips to protect yourself from the cold on the street recommended by experts

At the end of winter this bridge in San José, low temperatures have returned and, therefore, it is important to follow the advice of experts to protect yourself from the cold in the street, since, regardless of the reason, it is very possible that you will have to leave home when temperatures are very low.

Luckily, there are a series of tips to protect yourself from the cold on the street that you can follow, and that will help you have a better experience when you have to go shopping or to work, and are highly recommended when cold waves arrive. Although, as you can imagine, it is best to be at home near the radiator.

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These are the tips of the experts to protect you from the cold

Wear an intermediate layer between the t-shirt and the coat

One of the big mistakes that many people make when they go out and it's cold is not to wear an intermediate layer between the coat and the shirt, something that is highly recommended, since in this way it is more difficult for the mass of hot air that there is around our body exhaust.

In addition, a second layer of clothing before the coat means that if you enter a closed establishment, you can take off your coat and be more comfortable, while reserving the coat so that when you go out the change in temperature is not so great.

Cover your neck and head

The head is one of the places where the most heat is lost when it is cold outside, and it is very convenient to protect it with a hat that prevents the cold from entering and protects your ears. If the exposure to the cold is punctual and there is no wind, you may think that it is not strictly necessary, but if you are going to go out for a long time, you will notice the difference.

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Tips to eliminate redness caused by cold

It is also important to protect your neck well from the cold, so it is highly recommended to wear a scarf wherever you go. Even if your coat covers your neck, the area between your coat and your neck is unprotected, and that can make your throat cold.

Put on waterproof shoes

Whether it's hot or cold, having dry feet is very important keeping your feet dry is important to prevent the proliferation of germs and avoid the so-called "trench foot" that can cause blisters and ulcers on your feet.

For this reason, one of the tips given by experts to protect yourself from the cold on the street is to wear waterproof footwear, which prevents the water from penetrating and your socks from getting soaked, since this can also generate a great feeling of discomfort.

Thermal clothing is a great solution

Thermal clothing is your best ally to protect yourself from the cold in the street, since it is extremely light, elastic and breathable clothing that is capable of trapping a greater amount of body heat thanks to its special fabrics, and the difference with respect to clothing that It is not thermal, it is quite noticeable.

There are a large number of thermal garments that you can wear, so if it is very cold or you are going to be exposed to the cold for a prolonged period of time, it is best to get yourself socks, tights and a thermal fabric undershirt to put it under your clothes.

wear gloves

Experts also advise protecting the hands against the cold, since being the most exposed part of the extremities, they are more likely to get cold, since they have less blood flow and poorer circulation than other parts of the body.

Gloves are your best allies to protect your hands, although, depending on the situation, there are types of gloves that are more recommended than others. And it is that, if it rains or snows and you do not plan to take your mobile every time, waterproof gloves are the best option you can choose, since they will keep your hand dry.

Choose well the coat you are going to wear

The advice to protect yourself from the cold ends with the coat, an extremely important part when it comes to dressing in winter. If you think about it, following the above advice implies wearing several layers of clothing, and therefore, the coat should not be tight, but rather it should be relatively wide to be able to move comfortably, despite wearing several layers of clothing.

It is also convenient that it is how, like any piece of clothing, and that the outside of it is waterproof so that you do not end up completely wet.

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