Decathlon takes the cold out of women with 2 essential garments for winter

Decathlon takes the cold out of women with 2 essential garments for winter

Winter is coming and Decathlon offers two very cheap options to protect yourself from the cold. The French company has put up for sale a thermal shirt and pants that are used for skiing. Both cost 4.99 euros, according to their website. As always, online shipping and physical purchase are available, available at the Jerez de la Frontera store, and at the rest of the French firm's establishments in Spain.

The garments have very good evaluations among the clientele, since they are used for extreme temperatures for a very low price, something that we already knew about the brand.

thermal t-shirt

Both the pants and the shirt are designed for women. We are talking about the Wedze Ski-P 100 Black and Wedze Ski BL 100 Black models, proposed as underwear when practicing low-intensity sports in the snow. These products have been tested in the Mont Blanc valley.

Both products have similar characteristics since they belong to the same line and are recommended for the same purpose, among other things they have been created for easy evacuation from the south, it favors drying.

The garments are recommended for very low temperatures since they have a brushed interior that provides a lot of warmth. Of course, the limitation of odors is very low, since the material used is polyester and this is not suitable for it.

Thermal pants

Decathlon is a very good option, not only because of the value for money but also because the garments have a 2-year guarantee. Free shipping to home within 48 business hours and no less than 60 days for returns, so they can be fabulous gifts for Christmas.

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