Heat rash: everything you need to know to prevent it in the summer

Heat rash: everything you need to know to prevent it in the summer

High temperatures can cause, in our body, a feeling of physical exhaustion, sweating and, at the same time, predisposition to skin rashes. These flares are often similar to sunburn and can often be disguised as other dermis conditions.

They appear because of the heat and appear in the form of groups of small, red or transparent lumps that produce itching and puncture in the skin.

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"it can occur because there is an obstruction of the sweat ducts that do not allow sweat to be removed, being trapped under the skin. Inflammation can create a sensation of itching or burning, but the heat rash does not always occur with these symptoms, "dermatologist Maria Cecilia Madeo explains to Con Wellness (M.N. 79837).

They are usually distinguished near capillary follicles, in areas of greater friction or perspiration, either in folds of the skin, such as groin, armpits and other contact areas, especially on the back, being the babies, babies and elderly, the most predisposed to suffer.

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It should be borne in mind that the heat rash could also occur in an inner environment, as happens in hospitalized patients, who are in the same position for a prolonged period of time. The heat rash is not serious and usually disappears when the affected area cools.

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Madeo explains that tight clothing and heat can be two "triggers to develop this type of hives." Along the same lines he advises: "to be in fresh places, avoid the sun or places of very humid high temperatures, wear white cotton clothes and leave aside the synthetic and adjusted fabrics".

People with hyperhidrosis, excessive sweating, sensitive skin, or other condition, such as asthma or allergies, have a potentially greater risk to look like this inconvenience. When there is much exposure to sun rays, other symptoms such as nausea, diarrhea, difficulty breathing, vomiting, and excessive tiredness may arise, for example, but the impact will depend on the person's degree of allergy.

If the picture is very sharp and annoying, "typical corticoids are indicated," for a few days, which should be prescribed by a doctor. "pasta can be applied to water in children, a preparation that is used to keep the folds area dry," the dermatologist says.

In addition, Madeo recommends not scratching the affected area, trying to take warm baths and in cases where there is a fever, always call the doctor. "pay attention to the younger ones, it is essential to always protect them from the sun with sunscreen, to be exposed in safe hours such as being before 11 and after 16, and it is always important to have good hydration."

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