Keep an eye on these winter hiking tips Keep an eye on these winter hiking tips

Keep an eye on these winter hiking tips Keep an eye on these winter hiking tips

Hiking routes in winter are even more exciting and beautiful because the snowy landscapes are magical and dreamlike. However, hiking in winter requires extreme caution to avoid unnecessary risks. Going out equipped and following a series of tips can help you make a magical and safe hiking route. From 20deCompras we wanted to collect in this post a series of tips and tricks to enjoy winter routes, now that most Spanish mountains are covered in snow.

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We will give some tips on how to endure the cold with the clothing and equipment necessary to go out in the snow. On the other hand, what objects should we take with us to be safe and also, of course, we will point out how to equip our car to reach the mountain where our hiking route will take place.

Against the cold, a good coat

The first thing we must combat is the cold, from which we have to protect ourselves if we do not want our winter hiking route to only last a few minutes from when we park the car. An important trick is to dress in several layers to be able to regulate our temperature without experiencing extreme cold or heat from being too warm. As long as we wear a thermal shirt, a sweater and a good waterproof jacket, we can regulate our temperature by taking off or putting on layers. Therefore, under all these layers, we should put on a good thermal shirt. The ideal in a thermal shirt is that it quickly eliminates moisture, so that our body does not stay cold. This best-selling and best-valued model on Amazon meets this requirement, making it a very good option.

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Another trick is to make sure that all our layers of clothing are breathable and that the one we wear (in this case a good coat) is waterproof. We never know when it might start to rain or snow in winter, so it's better to be protected. And in this it is difficult to match the Geographical Norway brand of jackets. This model that we highlight from 20deCompras is the best seller on Amazon, it is breathable, windproof and, of course, waterproof.

don't forget your feet

It would be stupid to forget your feet on a hiking route, the most important part, so we must protect them according to the time of year, in this case protect them from snow. As far as possible we should wear a boot that is as waterproof as possible to protect your foot and your ankle! We don't know how many centimeters of snow there may be on the mountain. One of the best brands is Salomon and this model available on Amazon is one of the cheapest, unisex and, most importantly, waterproof.

for a safe trip

Once you're kitted out and ready, you won't be able to lose sight of the food, the drinks, and of course the drive. Your feet will help you successfully complete the hiking route, but your car will take you up the mountain. First, we must equip the interior of the vehicle with blankets, plenty of food and water, especially water, so that in case of snowstorms and road closures, we are prepared. Second, and more importantly, carry snow chains in the trunk to be able to drive safely in case of snowfall.

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