Tn running |Running tips in low temperature times

Tn running |Running tips in low temperature times

Llega el frío y para muchos corredores esto es sinónimo de ya no salir a correr. A los que solo corren en las estaciones templadas se los llama corredores golondrina. Se van durante el invierno y regresan en primavera. Otros que desean convertirse en runners, creen que los días fríos no son buenos para arrancar.TN Running | Consejos para correr en épocas de baja temperatura TN Running | Consejos para correr en épocas de baja temperatura

Both the "swallow" and the rookies should know that they are wrong if they move away or do not approach running just because the outer temperature dropped.It is true that there are different climates, but who is accustomed to living in a climate, can run in that climate or a little colder still.Those who keep running in winter will enjoy a different landscape and more place to do their activity.But not only that.

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Running in winter brings many benefits.The days are shorter and the mood of people is affected.Going to run produces endorphins, which improves mood and humor, something that becomes even more important when light hours are scarce.In the same line of feeling good, keeping the physical state also helps people to be better with themselves.Surrendering to sedentary lifestyle in the cold weeks brings consequences in the mood.

In the annual routine of a corridor, stop running during winter means abandon.And for those who simply seek to reach summer, stop running in winter is simply the most direct way of not achieving it.Spring is enjoyed more when one has run all winter.

TN Running | Consejos para correr en épocas de baja temperatura

But to enjoy more to run with low temperatures, here there are some tips to be remembered.In the first place, and like any deduce, the cold feels more when starting the training than when averaging the activity.That is why if one runs from the door of his house, he must know that he will have to unfold a little with the running of the minutes.

The extremities are particularly sensitive to cold, but as we run with the legs, we should not worry so much for them.Who feels cold on the feet can try winter socks, but always sports.More effective than running with long shoes is running with runner gloves.The warm hands avoid initial discomfort and if we are hot, the gloves are removed and placed at the waist, where they no longer bother.The same can be said of a buff or a neck, which can cover up to your ears, depending on where the cold is further suffered.With the same ease you can then take it out and put on the wrist.

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With respect to the torso, it is better to use several light layers than a single warm.Smoking with a thick diver does not help at all, it is excessive and even runs the risk of dehydrating.A fine short -sleeved shirt, another long -sleeved and a break winds serve much more than a heavy coat.If it's hot, you can get the layers and tie them at the waist.In case of leaving from the door of the house and returning to it, this is not even necessary, with a layer, gloves and buff almost always reaches.Everyone knows how cold it is.

The cold is not psychological, the cold is real, the psychological is how we react to the cold.The cold passes fast, and it is very much enjoyed running without the stifle of high temperatures.The fundamental thing is that after running and elongar, we should not be unzipped.If we return home, there is no problem, if we stay outside, it is essential to warm yourself as quickly as possible.

Dark colors allow absorbing sun's rays, so it is good advice to choose dark clothes during winter.That clothes must have some reflective surface, something very common in sports clothes and footwear.And although in winter less liquid is lost than in summer, just some water or isotonic drink in small drinks helps to avoid dehydration.

No one ever regrets running.And for those who only run when it is hot, the surprise will be huge when they discover that doing with lower temperatures is very pleasant and allows even better running.In spring, those who kept running and those who are not going to be noticed from afar.Beyond that, we will have won more kilometers and days of happiness.

By Santiago García

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