Up to 2,000 euros discount: this is how the brands make your mouth water so that you want to change motorcycles

Up to 2,000 euros discount: this is how the brands make your mouth water so that you want to change motorcycles

Although it may seem logical to many, motorcycle brands are putting all the meat on the grill this year in terms of offers. The reason? That the Euro 5 emission regulations are underway. This means that in 2020 the new models that they homologate will have to respect this environmental restriction, so that in 2021 only those motorcycles and mopeds that respect it can be registered.

Therefore, more than one brand and dealer will have thrown their hands in their heads when seeing the Euro 4 units that they have left in the warehouse or exhibition, a situation that those who want to renew their motorcycle or, better yet, can take advantage of. , debut in the exciting world of two wheels. And don't worry, the beginning of the new decade also brings some offers of already adapted motorcycles.

Kawasaki puts it at your fingertips...

The range of the Japanese brand is full of discounts in what they call the 'K File' promotion, to which must be added a year of free insurance. You have offers for all types of motorcycles and you can save 1,000 euros on models such as the Kawasaki Z900 RS CAFE and the Z900 RS, if what you are looking for is the retro style that is so fashionable. You have left for 12,499 and 12,299 euros, respectively.

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Now, if you are going to opt for a somewhat more daring and aggressive option, you should know that the Kawasaki Z1000 is also available for 900 euros less. Now you will have to pay 12,899 euros, unless you decide on its 'R' equipment, which has an extra cost of 2,500 euros.

KYMCO pull back scooter

From Taiwan comes the KYMCO AK 550, a megascooter with 53.7 HP of power and that you can now take home with a discount of 950 euros. This means that you will have to pay 9,299 euros, with registration and one year of insurance included.

Hasta 2.000 euros de rebaja: así te hacen la boca agua las marcas para que quieras cambiar de moto

In this way, the Asian firm wants to improve the already significant sales of this model, one of the most purchased in its category and which boasts of having registered 1,200 units in 2019.

Honda puts its 125 cc scooter on a platter

Another firm that wants to maintain the sales success of some of its motorcycles is Honda, which is offering interesting financing for the PCX125, which has been the second best-selling motorcycle last year, only surpassed by its direct rival KYMCO Agility 125 City.

If you are looking for a mount that allows you to move around the city like a fish in water, the efficient Honda scooter can be paid in installments, at the rate of 36 installments of 79 euros per month and paying an entry of only 604 euros. It is true that under the conditions we are not going to get rid of the happy TIN and TAE, but in the end you will end up paying 3,448 euros for this popular two-wheeled vehicle.

Harley-Davidson brings you closer to fulfilling your dream

Okay, you either love these bikes or you hate them, but it is also true that their range has been updated to the new times, luckily for some and unfortunately for many others who are nostalgic for the Milwaukee manufacturer.

Let's leave the regrets for another time because the reality is that the new Harley-Davidson promo is an interesting opportunity to have the motorcycle you've always wanted. We are talking about a discount of up to 2,000 euros that is divided into three possible options.

KTM does not want you to get bored

As other motorcycle brands have done, KTM has launched the 'Take&Ride' initiative, which allows you to choose between different monthly fees and tickets to access the models in its range.

In this way, two or three years after the acquisition, you will have to choose if you want to change it for another or finish paying it by assuming a final installment. If we opt for the first option, the good thing is that we have a guaranteed buyback minimum that will be subtracted from the price of the new KTM that we get shiny from the dealer.

The catch is that we have a limit of 15,000 kilometers per year and 50,000 kilometers in total. Abstain the very adventurous…

Suzuki wants you to opt for a trail

If you feel like showing off your road side in the countryside, the Suzuki V-Strom 1000 XT will surely have crossed your mind or perhaps you already have the intention of buying the new V-Strom 1050.

Anyway, you will be interested to know that the 1000 XT is being released from the accumulated stock for a promotional price of 12,629 euros, which will be maintained until March or while stocks last, whichever comes first. If you prefer to finance it, you will have to pay 1,000 euros more.

If you go beyond this and want a Suzuki V-Strom 1050, what you have right now is the possibility of reserving it and, if you are one of the first, get a very special Arai TX-3 helmet as a gift and that is valued at 800 euros. In addition, you have a 3-year warranty and premium roadside assistance, like all motorcycles in the Japanese range.

BMW betting on the vintage

The German firm is also taking advantage of the pull of its heritage family and what it offers us is equipment worth 1,000 euros for the BMW R nineT Racer and R nineT Urban G/S motorcycles, surely two of the models with the most personality in the segment. that they occupy

The cost is very similar in both, at prices of 14,500 euros for the Racer and 14,200 for the Urban G/S. The first one comes with a pack consisting of a San Diego jacket, a Legend Tricolore helmet and Rockster gloves. The latter is also included in the Urban, while the chosen jacket is the Darknite.

Yamaha allows you to change motorcycles every three years

In this case we are talking about a promotion called 'You Easy Go', for which you can buy any motorcycle offered in Spain and pay for it in installments. After 3 years, in a similar way to other brands, either you keep it paying what is missing or change it for a new one, without losing the guaranteed value that they assured you at the time of the first purchase.

For example, you can get a Yamaha MT-03 2019, a naked that can be driven with the A2 license and with a final cost of 5,249 euros if you take advantage of the financing they offer. Once you've got the hang of riding a motorcycle, you always have the option of swapping this 321cc, 42bhp model for something superior.

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