Water, future guarantee for people and the planet |Haonomia.es - Huelva Economic and Business Information

Water, future guarantee for people and the planet |Haonomia.es - Huelva Economic and Business Information

World Water Day, which is celebrated on March 22 sponsored by the United Nations, focuses this year on "The Valordel Agua" and seeks to know the meaning that this element has for each one of us and becoming aware about it.A more necessary reflection that never begins because in 2050 the world will reach almost 10.000 million people and the demand for water will increase between 20 and 30%.

The availability of hydric resources is seriously threatened by the impact of climate change.The action of the human being has destabilized the natural balance and in the last years we live the effects of this situation with episodes of rain and drought even more extremes even more extreme.

Development engine

Water is a basic good for people and their homes.Drinking, cooking, showering, washing the dishes and watering the plants are everyday gestures to which we have now added a new ritual: washing them with conscientious hands is the best way to protect oursThe water-salud binomial importance.

Water resources, promoters of change since the beginning of civilizations, allow the socio -economic development of territories and communities.They are essential and make all activities that generate wealth: Industry, Agriculture and Mining, among others, among others, among others.But, above all, they are a key event for cities and their environments, where 75% of world the world will live in 2050.The correct integration of drinking water, sanitation and sewerage systems contributes to a cities resilience.The circular economy and the use of alternative history, such as rainwater reuse for the green areas or street cleaning, have become fundamental in the development of future solutions for the large cities of the planet.But water is much more than a service.Its importance gives it the decatalizing role when moving towards a more just society and conopuitities for all.

Pact for inclusive recovery

El agua, garantía de futuro para las personas y el planeta | Heconomia.es - Información económica y empresarial de Huelva

Aguas de Huelva, which has in its DNA responsible water management and puts people in the center of Suestrategia, has taken the initiative in the face of the challenges derived from the current sanitary crisis.Through its strategic planned, recently presented, a social pact is ensured to have a sustainable and equitable economic recovery, according to the 2030.It is always to guarantee access to water to vulnerable groups to impulse a ‘green’ recovery that reaches the whole society, without leaving anadie behind.A reactivation based on public-private collaboration and quality employee, taking advantage of European Next Generation funds to make strategic investments, in which water and their future have a leading role.

Aguas Dehuelva offers services in the field of water and environmental sustainability to accompany the city in the ecological transition.An example, is the eco -city project, included in its strategic plan, whose purpose is the coach of the coach of Huelva in an ecofactoría capable of producing resources for the city, through the reuse of the waters, the aimingosinergias with the near industry.This project minimizes natural alive impacts and zero production of waste, valuing what until there were waste such as by -products.The objective of "C, Energy dependencies", self -supply and even green decomposable production for the exterior is pursued.

At the forefront of virus detection

In the luchacontra the pandemic, Water of Huelva applies the tool of Suez Spain Covid-19 City Sentinel, for early tilting of the virus in the wastewater, combining analytical delayer analytics, the analysis of the topology of the sewerage networks and the elaccess of a platformDigital Data Management.It is an epidemiological surveillance tool to identify the virus's presentation, monitoring its evolution and adopting immediate effects to anticipate the appearance of new outbreaks, including detection of the new British strain.

The future of water management

The great challenges to which today's society is under.Data management and interpretation (Big Data), Smart measurements (Smart Metering) or artificial intelligence demodel application are instruments that are included in the Sustainable Strategic Plan of Water of Huelva betting on digitalization, allowing urban management to transformof the water cycle.The objective is to develop avant -garde technology to build smarter, resilient and green cities.

According to the United Nations, water has an impact for allociety: as a primary source, through hydraulic infrastructures and the paper that leads to the development of the services - such as health - economic activity, as well as its contributionsociocultural.In short, water is an essential good for everyone and for everything that we must take care of and protect for elfuturo.

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