Femicide details that enluta to Paicol • The nation

Femicide details that enluta to Paicol • The nation

Jova Núñez, was brutally murdered inside his home in the municipality of Paicol, his agonizing crying, alerted a neighbor who appeared through a window he found her in underwear, and with white weapon wounds.The authorities offered a reward of up to $ 10 million.In less than a month it is the second feminicide.Who is the murderer? The nation made a presence in the place and knew exclusive details.

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After an extraordinary security council, the mayor of the municipality Jhon Jairo Perdom'Jovita'.

The fact that has caused shock in the population, was presented on Sunday morning, when the agonizing crying of the woman, warned a neighbor who was near the place and when she looked out a window saw the macabre scene.

"We do not understand who could do something like that, she had no problems with anyone and the way they killed her was very cruel, the person in charge must pay for what she did and the death of 'Jovita' must have justice," said Javier, cousin of the woman.

So were the facts

The young woman left Mass in the morning as she always used to do it, her home is located two blocks from the temple and missing little for eight in the morning she reached her residence, from that moment nothing else was known about her, onlyhours later when the information of his murder was news in the town.

The executioner was probably waiting for her in the house, because according to witnesses the door plates were not violated, there was no struggle, only an initial cry that was heard by a neighbor, but who did not pay much attention.

Detalles del feminicidio que enluta a Paicol • La Nación

‘Jovita’, was slaughtered, a wound pronounced in his neck took his life, he was also found in underwear, face up in his bed.

In the house there were traces of blood on one of the walls of the room, also in the laundry room that is located in the patio, apparently they are from the murderer who tried to erase traces of his evidence.

The only woman's company was a small dog, which according to her relatives, was locked in one of the rooms, apparently so that she did not bark and thus not awaken the alert in the residents of neighboring homes.

The Dantesque Scene was rebuilt in tears, by a relative of the victim who narrated exclusively for the nation what happened.

‘Jovita’ had no problems with anyone, according to nearby sources, he had no partner and allegedly had not referenced personal problems with anyone;She enjoyed great appreciation in the community, for more than five years she worked as a general service personnel of the Agrarian Bank in Paicol, her mother had recently died from a disease that afflicted her, and her father was the first absent, Dying by immersion.He pulled himself and in the midst of the needs he went ahead.

The lifting of the body was made by CTI officials, who from the municipality of La Plata arrived to the place of the crime.Today, the voice of an entire people is to do justice for this vile feminicide.


Although what happened is a matter of investigation, the fact of a possible attempt to robbelongings and belongings were all found in the place.

In a security chamber of a housing near the site, a man is observed with suspicious attitude, who is investigated by the authorities to confirm or discard his possible participation in the crime.

Additionally, a version of an alleged Venezuelan who stalked ‘Jovita’ takes strength within the hypotheses that the authorities analyze;However, so far everything is uncertain and the footprints found inside the additional property to those of the victim are collated by the investigators who are behind the criminal's track.


Jhon Jairo Perdomo, municipal mayor, announced a millionaire reward for the whereabouts of the person responsible, “from the municipal administration, we have offered 10 million reward, this fact cannot remain in impunity and we will do the impossible to identify the feminicide;We reject with vehemence what happened and we will not allow eactos like this to continue repeating ”.

This is the second violent fact of which a woman is a woman in less than a month in the same municipality, because on November 24, Yaritza Ramírez Griman was killed by her sentimental partner, who gave her 10 stabs;In Huila it is the fourth crime that happened so far this year.

Jova's relatives call on the authorities to redouble the foot of strength in the municipality and that this violent fact is not in impunity and is part of the thick figure of violated women in the region.


Last night in the Municipal Park, the community made a twelve in rejection of what happened with the young woman who enjoyed great appreciation in Paicol.

‘Jovita’ is remembered for her gift of service to the population, her noble heart made her creditor of respect and recognition in the region.

Different groups in defense of women's rights made a presence in the place, candles, banners and more than 200 people gathered for one voice, ask for justice.

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