The resistance: Cristina Gutiérrez reveals that she broke her back in the last stage of a race

The resistance: Cristina Gutiérrez reveals that she broke her back in the last stage of a race

The resistance received in its delivery on Thursday, January 20, Cristina Gutiérrez.The pilot went to the #0 space after getting third in the podium in its category at the Dakar 2022 rally.The format is presented as "the brand new champion" on social networks: "For us he has won".

The pilot explained in the 'late show' that the vehicles that dispute the race carry a navigation system.This warns the driver of the dangers to be found on the way, classifying them at different levels.The interviewee put an hole or a cut dune as examples: "That is danger three".He also said that in Spain he came to see "a horrible ravine in the midst of nowhere" that was pointed out as a danger four.

David Broncano wanted to know: "Have you eaten any danger?.She replied that yes and said that on one occasion she broke her back: "There was a hole in the middle of the road and made a compression.I ended with three broken vertebrae ".

The Burgos shared: "I was winning the race and it was the last stage.It happened to me at kilometer nine of 260 in that section.I noticed a strong pain.It did not sound because the car sounds more, but I did notice that I was crushed, like you can't recover.The pain was horrible, more and more...I couldn't even squeeze the brake and we reached the end ".In addition, he stressed that he achieved first position and recalled that he later remained locked in Kazakhstan.

Your gifts for Broncano

La Resistencia: Cristina Gutiérrez desvela que se partió la espalda en la última etapa de una carrera

Cristina Gutiérrez dislodged David Broncano when delivering a gift: "I brought my underwear".The comedian replied: "Ok, perfect".Grison said: "But have you brought it with a skid?".

The guest ended up revealing what he meant when she took a t -shirt, pants and balaclavas from a paper bag.They were the garments that had been put under his pilot monkey, on which he pointed out that they were resistant to fire.

The presenter of the format commented: "This is quite handsome.I like this much more than real underwear ".He subsequently smelled the shirt and said: "Well.There is a desert, it has been sweated, there have been camels...".The humorist tested Gutiérrez's balaclavas, who said: "You look like a sperm".He explained: "It's nice, it's a feeling as if you were hugging your grandmother".

The incident with the public

David Broncano and the public present in the theater in which the resistance is enthusiastically celebrated the good result of Cristina Gutiérrez in the Dakar.

The driver of the #0 space was carried away by the emotion and kicked a cardboard box, thinking it was empty.However, it contained a cup that was about to hit the people who were in the first rows.

The presenter threw his hands and was worried about what happened."My heart has accelerated.Could be denounceable, "he confessed.Then he approached to collect the cup and tried to break it without success on the set.

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