Prince William remembers when Taylor Swift forced him to get on stage with Jon Bon Jovi

Prince William remembers when Taylor Swift forced him to get on stage with Jon Bon Jovi

    More than eight years have passed but Prince William perfectly remembers the moment in which he took the stage with Taylor Swift and Jon Bon Jovi.No friend, it is no joke.And although it gives him some shame to talk about it, normal if we take into account that it is the only time that Lady Di's son has taken the microphone (or at least that we remember), he wanted to share it with the public in one of his lastInterviews.The anecdote is really funny.

    It was in November 2013, during the 'Winter Whites Gala' for the benefit of Centerpoint, a beneficial homeless organization that the 'Royal' has been supporting for years, which took place in the Kensington Palace."To this day, I still don't know what happened to me," Prince William explained between laughs during his speech at the new episode of 'Time To Walk' by Apple Fitness+ referring to that appointment.

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    We put you in context.The future heir to the British throne was in charge of presiding over the act and therefore to present the guests, Taylor Swift and Jon Bon Jovi.What I didn't imagine was what would happen later."After Jon made her first song, there was a pause and she turned to me.He put his hand on his arm, looked me in the eye and said: "Come on, William.Let's sing, "William added referring to the American singer -songwriter.To everyone's surprise, the Duke of Cambridge agreed and took the stage to sing 'Living on a prayer'.What we did not know so far is that he did it without knowing the entire lyrics of the full song.

    El príncipe William recuerda cuando Taylor Swift le obligó a subirse al escenario con Jon Bon Jovi

    "Honestly, even now I am ashamed for what happened next and I do not understand why I ceded," added Lady Di's eldest son, who also confirmed that the fact that Taylor Swift animated him was decisive.We understand you perfectly, William.

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