Special lingerie: innovations and trends for this season (and future)

Special lingerie: innovations and trends for this season (and future)

When we think of fashion and trends, we often forget the invisible garments, those that are hidden and are not seen.We talk about lingerie, a field within the fashionista universe that is not only of the utmost importance, but its designs are an essential garment in our 'looks' of each day.

The arrival of the pandemic has meant that we give more importance to lingerie and that has resulted in an increase in sales but also in a sharp change of course in the products we demand.Now we are giving the highest priority to elements that previously went unnoticed as comfort or natural tissues, and many have been the ones that have renewed their army of pajamas, underwear and other homewear pieces.

Just opened the spring-summer season, it is the perfect time to talk about lingerie.We are going to do it by looking at the past to see how the coronavirus crisis has affected the sector.To do this, we have spoken with six prestigious lingerie firms with national and international success to tell us in the first person the state of intimate fashion state.

Lingerie trends of the season

Pandemia has completely disrupted the world of fashion and lingerie has not been an exception.This is what they point to us from the Triumph firm, where they have proven how comfort has become a priority due, above all, that we spend more time at home than before.This change in habits has made women look more at choosing products made with natural and good quality fabrics.

This idea of comfort as the main objective when buying lingerie is confirmed by the Hunkemöller brand, from where Janine Hurink, global director of Public Relations, points out that the most demanded right now are the soft fabrics and the fasteners without hoop.

DIM points to comfort fever betting on garments that fit as a second skin designed for women who want to be comfortable but without giving up the style.To do this, they trust this season in sets of panties and fasteners in natural colors and with soft animals, vegetable or tropical with the most feminine tissues such as Plumeti.

But not everything will be comfort.Hunkemöller also highlights that the completely opposite side is gaining more and more weight: "As the world has become a little boring, we find joy inside our house where we like to seduce, flirt and fully enjoy our freedom and femininity", Janine Hurink confesses.For this type of women the brand offers very sexy lingerie designs with lace or leather fabrics and large openings.

Femininity is also an important value this season for the firm Andrés Sarda, where one of the most marked trends in its new collection is transparency and care in details.It is also for promise, which seeks to highlight the natural beauty of women by resorting to lace.From this firm also bets on digital prints of out -of -fashioned flowers and a fashion that becomes increasingly important, the versatile lingerie that also allows it to use it as an exterior garment.

For its part, Playtex joins the two large currents by mixing in its collection an ultra female lingerie but guaranteeing maximum support, invisibility under clothes and comfort thanks to their patterns and tissues.As for colors, this spring-summer is full of navy blue and red came with 'liberty' prints that come to complement the always basic white, black and champagne.

The latest innovations in the sector

Especial lencería: innovaciones y tendencias para esta temporada (y las futuras)

Triumph is directing its development to get comfortable fasteners who can take all day.With this objective they have developed the Fitsmart, a bra with an elastic cup created with 4D technology that adapts to all the postures of the body in its daily routine.From Hunkemöller they are also developing increasingly soft, padded and comfortable glasses that continue to guarantee a great grip and adjustment.

In Andrés Sardá it is being studied in terms of pattern to better adapt the garments to the female silhouette.Thus they have launched the 'Clean Cut', a knitting technique that allows you to finish the garments without gums which makes them more comfortable and prevents the appearance of brands.For its part, Playtex has launched this season the version without rings of its star bra, the flower elegance.The perfect fastening is now guaranteed thanks to an elastic belt coated with super surround lace.

In promise they have presented this season triangular fans without rings, finer glasses in all models and the premiere of the Spacer Cup that offers softness and maximum comfort and that adapts to all types of breasts.But what is amazed is another of its innovations, the your size capsule, composed of unique size t -shirts and panties that adapt to any body type regardless of their size.This is achieved thanks to an extendable fabric that creates a second skin effect.

Dim's innovations are mainly directed to the search for sustainability.For this season they have launched Ecosmart, a collection made with ecological materials.In their green spirit they also have the novelty of a range of Ecofriendly socks that are made by 34% based on seaweed.

The favorite lingerie of the Spanish woman

Is there a difference between the tastes of the Spanish in front of what other nationalities in terms of lingerie?Nuria Sardá, recently appointed creative director of Andrés Sardá, points out that more than by countries, the difference is given by areas, mentalities or climate."The colors they like in the north have nothing to do with those who like in the Mediterranean," he tells us.

From Triumph confirm the idea pointing out that the Spanish would be included in that group of Mediterranean women with the Italians or the Greeks.What is a characteristic of our country is the special taste for "invisible" colors, those that allow them to take them under clothes without being seen, especially in summer.This inclination for 'nude' colors is also highlighted by Playtex, as it is the best -selling color of its collections, and also by DIM, which has even created a special product line in this range they have baptized as Invisifree.

Roser Samon, creative director of Promise, says that "in the last decade, fashion has almost globalized to its entirety.If I had to highlight a value that Spanish women always seek would be comfort, something that in other countries becomes a second priority."

However, from Hunkemöller also highlight the Spanish's mischief when choosing his lingerie.For example, the tradition of red lingerie at Christmas is much strong.They have also noticed a special taste for their private collection, the most daring lingerie line of the firm.

The 'bestsellers' in lingerie

These tastes that characterize Spanish women determine the best -selling products of specialized brands.Nuria Sardá highlights the triumph in sales of the 'bralettes' and triangular fasteners while in panties like both the high and the scarves.From Hunkemöller they confess that elegant and sober models work great but without losing sight of the daring designs.

The case of Promise deserves special attention from where Roser Flores, Creative Strategist of the firm, points to the success of capacity fasteners, "a product that years ago was only in specialized stores and that in promise we have worked to offer with the lasttrends and at an affordable price."

The future of lingerie

From Promise they are very clear: "The future of lingerie is to become the second skin of every woman.For that, brands innovate with sustainable materials, with more ecological dyes and with the creation of invisible and increasingly non -existent rings ".This fight against the hoops also has allies in Triumph and Hunkemöller.The latter is noticing how the clients are starting to sue more and more bralette fasteners and it is in that direction where they foresee that the development of the new models should be directed.

Nuria Sardá points to a future where lingerie accompanies the woman with a sustainable and responsible point of view.In that new universe, the trend garments that raise morals with other more practices without transparencies or straps, that leave their backs free to wear necklines or have a molding function will be combined.From the Triumph firm they announce insurance that "the keyword is and will always be comfort".

Hunkemöller already has its attention on the Z generation, which come to replace millennials with other demands and points of view.For them, sustainability is a very important element, so from the brand they are looking for more sustainable forms of creation in products such as cotton fasteners or bralettes, which are the favorites for this new audience.

A committed sector

This season, DIM launches its new Ecosmart line, with the will to make a more ethical and responsible fashion using new more sustainable and transparent production methods.The data of their achievements during 2020 speak for themselves: CO2 emissions were reduced by 40% and another 40% energy consumption, at the same time the use of renewable energy and water consumption was increased by 40% and water consumption was reduced to the half.For this year its objectives are even more ambitious.

As for the product, materials such as organic cotton, recycled microfiber or ecological lace have been used.They have also changed their packaging to be recycled cardboard from sustainable forests.

This packaging change is also one of Andrés Sardá's green transformations.Its commitment to sustainability also goes through the control of its suppliers, all of them of European origin, so that rights are respected throughout the chain of creation, manufacture and distribution of their designs.

In Hunkemöller, in addition to the use of sustainable materials, they have had an incredible initiative to give a second life to the waste of their production plant and is to manufacture with them mattresses that have recently been donated to refugees in Bangladesh.For its part, Promise is associated annually to the fight against mom's cancer and also develops a campaign every winter donating shelter clothes to the most needy.

How has the pandemic affected?

The change in consumption that has meant the emergence of coronavirus in society has altered the type of product demanded by clients.Women ask more and more comfortable products and natural fabrics."We have also seen an increase in neutral colors, with respect to the previous season," they report from Triumph.

This demand for comfort has been translated in the case of Hunkemöller in an increase in sales of unak designs and the statement is shared by Promise, which ensures that priority has been given to the purchase of comfortable and versatile products in front of the most garmentssophisticated and elegant.

One of the winning lines with this change in consumption are pajamas.In the case of Promise, its results have been very favorable, and Hunkemöller has decided.

Have you also changed your lingerie habits in the last year?

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