Tom Ford's underwear makes the undress more funny

Tom Ford's underwear makes the undress more funny


Absolutely.I was eating some cheetos before the interview.But my food is going to be totally vegetarian, with pure proteins.I am very aware of my main food source.But do you know what it is like cocaine for me?Those Donitas covered with white dust.I can't see them without eating the entire package.If there are in the office, like all.

There is no elegant form of eating them.Or have you found a way?

Yes.I like to think that I can do most of things with elegance.

What size is your closet?

I have no clothes!I use the same costumes again and again until they literally wear out, because when that's what I do throughout the day - getting other people and designing clothes - the last thing I want to do when I have five minutes is to buy new clothes for me for me.So I don't do it.The other day I was eating in a restaurant and I felt a little cold in the back.My pants had scratched completely from the waist to the bottom of my butt.

La ropa interior de Tom Ford hace más divertido el desnudarse

I guess it was not a rare day in which you wore underwear, right?

I was sitting there with my ass exposed in a restaurant.I need to buy some clothes.

It is difficult to celebrate any creation of Tom Ford with him.To start, it is not one of the types that smell like roses.In addition, when your products reach our hands he is already working on something new.When we talked in July, he was preparing his female collection, which should be ready in two weeks.He is reserved for his film projects - Ford directed Single Man, in 2009, and nocturnal Animals, in 2016 - but not because he thinks that the public is not prepared to hear about them.It is to prevent Tom Ford's fashion staff.His life is a mania driven by the ego, a meaning and donuts, apparently.But how long, Tom Ford can continue to be Tom Ford?

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